Don’t fear collapse

Talking about the loss of Ford, GM or Chrysler scares a lot of people.

It seems like those companies have always been a part of the American economy, so their possible collapse is likened to the crumbling of a major American support pillar. In fact, the entire manufacturing industry in America is on the decline. FOX News recently reported that in Trenton, NJ in the 1950s, 1 in 2 people “made something” as a career. Today that number is less than 1 in 10.

Manufacturing in America will never go away completely. America will always innovate and will always succeed.

A quick example lies in a little American company called Carbon Motors, who sees an opportunity to build a better police car.

Traditionally, police cars are modified sedans built by Ford or GM. Carbon Motors is building a car from scratch with one use in mind: law enforcement.

Called the E7, the car has flashing emergency lights embedded in the frame for visibility and aerodynamic purposes. The front seats are designed with extra space to accommodate an officer’s utility belt. The rear passenger area is sealed off from the cockpit. The back seats are molded plastic for easy cleaning and to prevent prisoners from hiding anything.

And how Knight Rider is this: front-mounted cameras automatically scan license plates of nearby vehicles and alert police when they find a car flagged as stolen or involved in some other crime. Plus the car can detect nuclear and biological threats, all while delivering combined fuel economy ratings of 28-30 mpg. 

See? Innovative. I’m not saying that Carbon Motors is the American car company of the future, but they prove the point that there’s always a better way to do things. Ways that may not be as old as GM’s, but are certainly more forward-thinking and better suited for a changing America. 

If one of the Big 3 collapses, don’t fear the consequences. Be excited for whatever or whoever comes to fill their gap.

Are you afraid of losing Ford, GM or Chrysler?


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  1. Next to owning a hearse, I always wanted a cop car but not one of those stupid Crown Victorias. The best part about the E7 seems to be that you can’t mistake it for anything else–meaning those unscrupulous unmarked cars with front seats full of radar gear. But Carbon Motors has some competitors: take a look at for pix of cop cars around the world.

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