Toyota is now selling on eBay! Sort of


I wrote yesterday about my desire to buy a car directly from the manufacturer, and skip the entire dealer fiasco. 

I won’t repeat my argument for that here, but instead point out a very interesting fact I recently learned: Toyota is selling cars on eBay. So are GM and Chrysler.

You might ask yourself, “How can this be? I thought there were laws outlawing the practice of an automaker selling directly to the public!” Well, you’re right. Don’t get too excited just yet.

An article here says:

Toyota will be listing its pre-owned inventory on eBay, in a move that will put it on the famous auction site with rivals such as General Motors and Chrysler.

On first read, one might assume that Toyota is listing and selling these cars, which is exciting! 

Upon further review, though, I found this blog that goes into a little more detail, basically saying that Toyota’s inventory of cars is searchable, but still must be purchased through a dealer. 

At the very least Toyota, GM and Chrysler seem to understand the importance of offering their inventory for sale online. But on a quick search of eBay, all I found were ads by dealers begging for a test drive. 

So my high hopes of simplifying the car-buying process are dashed and I’ve decided that by posting on eBay, automakers are just trying to generate more leads for struggling dealers. I should’ve known.

Do you think the car buying process should be simplified? 


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