2010 Mustang vs. 2010 BMW Z4

2010 Mustang

Two redesigned sports cars are generating a ton of hype lately; one has been an American icon for over 40 years, the other is a relatively new innovation from our friends in Germany.

The 2010 Ford Mustang and 2010 BMW Z4 are very different, yet they’re generating equal amounts of passion from their loyal followers. Both deliver horsepower and speed. Both make a statement about their drivers. Let’s take a quick look at both, and then it’s your turn to tell us which you’d rather have!

The Mustang

The biggest news from the Mustang camp is the possibility of Ford’s new EcoBoost twin-turbo V6 being offered. This is an engine capable of a devastating 415 hp that would be offered alongside the V8 options. (No guarantee that this turbo will make it into production, though.) 

Remember when GT Mustangs came with a 5.0-liter V8 rather than the 4.6? Oh yes, the 5.0 is coming back, baby! Expect around 325-350 horses out of that power plant. There will also be a Bullit edition and the same entry-level V6 as before. Looks like we’ll again be treated to a Ford-built Shelby GT 500 version of the new pony, with at least 500 hp, though I’d bet on more. Can you say BOOYAH!?

The Mustang’s interior also gets revamped to accommodate a bigger navigation screen and audio gear. 

The Z4


The new Z4 will be offered in sDrive30i and sDrive35i trims. Completely redesigned inside and out, the exterior redesign is what I’m most excited about, as the current Z4 is a bit too chiseled for my taste. The new design is sleeker, more elegant, and more sophisticated, in stark contrast to the arrogant, muscled look of the Mustang. 

The other big news is the addition of a retractable two-piece aluminum hard top for this Bimmer in place of the current soft top.

Oh, but you want to know about performance? The sDrive30i is powered by a 3.0-liter V6 capable of 255 hp. The sDrive 35i has a twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6 rated at 300 hp and a 0-60 sprint time of 5 seconds.

Opting for the Z4 will also give buyers the option of adding a Sport Package with Adaptive M Suspension and Electronic Damping Control. This gets complicated, but the system allows for more driving control and the ability to change damper forces on the Adaptive M Suspension and adjust the response thresholds of Dynamic Stability Control.

This new Z4 will be built in Germany, as opposed to the current Z4, which is built in America.

So there you have it. Which would you rather have – the pure muscle and style of the Mustang or the sophisticated driving experience of the BMW Z4?



  1. Babken :
    There’s no automobile manufacturer in the world that can match BMW. BMW means the best. BMW means perfection. The automobiles are divided into 2 groups: 1.BMW and 2.the rest.

    LOL YOU own stock ?

    • Z4 has a horrible steering feel and to soft suspension etc.. It is not a BMW.
      BMW has stopped making cars like 10 years ago.. now they make bmw’s with lowercase letters..
      for people who don’t know how to drive and they don;t care about cars

  2. Interesting that you call this the “Car Guru” website blog..

    How do you compare these cars ? Price ? Class ? Appointments ? Nope. Plus since when did BMW start making V6’s ?

    The BMW is a BEAUTIFUL car, the interior is truly unique, the car isn’t perfect, and surely doesn’t have the raw brutality of the mustang but honestly, you don’t care. You feel like James Bond behind the wheel opposed to a marauding teenager in a hot rod. Plus the Mustang feels cheap on the inside, the plastics are simply awful. Still, the price is usually right with this car… and really ? Still with the live rear end ? right ?

    The 500 lb gorilla in the room is Porsche, the car that really should be compared to the Z4. I now own a Cayman, a slower car and subjectively less attractive. I’ve driven every Z4, and most BMWs, the ultimate driving machine is Porsche. It’s a simple matter of physics, mid-engine configurations are superior, for too many reasons to explain here; that makes Porsche a very easy daily driver with handling that beats out these other cars .. Sorry guys, the winner is Porsche ..

  3. Looked a couple of years for the best sports car… funny that u mention these two cars. I just purchased the BMW Z4 35i…WOW!!!!! Talk about power and handle!! AWESOME!! Perhaps when i dared the mustang to go up against me, they did not know how to handle their own car. I’m new at this myself, but the bmw blew the mustand away on back roads!!! BEST PURCHASE EVER!!!!!!! Love this car… prob. gonna get me into some trouble; hope not!! FUN CAR!!!!

  4. They are both nice cars and all, but the BMW wins hands down. The Mustang is a brainless straightline car with a rattling plastic interior. With that said, the new Mustang’s exterior redesign is a step forward.

  5. Why do you guys compared my two favorite cars from my two favorite car manufacturers? Seriously now, the V8 against the I6? Two best engines, but different engine configurations? This comparison is worse than the comparison between the Nissan Fairlady 370Z and the BMW 135i. I love both cars. The Mustang as the drift car and the Z4 as the wangan machine. There’s no comparison between the two.

  6. I’m 15 and i am torn between buying one of these two cars. I love the way the mustang looks as well as the z4 but the only problem I have with the mustang is the fact that the attention to detail for the inside is not very nice. The z4 has better detailed interior. But theres that look to the mustang that I just love. I just don’t know which one to pick.

  7. I used to be a muscle car purist having owned numerous Trans Ams and driving corvettes, mustangs, mopars, etc. Never ever paid much attention to BMW. However, I recently purchased a 3 Series Convertible with the Sport Package. After driving a BMW, you understand what all the fuss is about. Yeah, I could have bought a Vette or a Mustang or a Camaro but I opted for the BMW. The test drive sold me. Never have I driven something with power AND smoothness. You get luxury in ADDITION to the power. In comparison, the Mustang does not handle or ride as well. BMW hands down. There’s no comparison. I have driven both and it’s a no brainer. I am not knocking the styling of the mustang. I do like the looks of the new Shelby’s a lot. But we’re talking about which one would you rather own? BMW all the way. Ride, resale value, elegance, fit and finish, engineering quality……….

  8. There’s no automobile manufacturer in the world that can match BMW. BMW means the best. BMW means perfection. The automobiles are divided into 2 groups: 1.BMW and 2.the rest.

  9. yeah no comparison Z4 much prettier car. Prettiest 2 door sports car under 60k. Mustangs can only go in straight lines. Z4 can kill a mustang

  10. The mustang handles like an 18 wheeler. Not sure about the new one, but the interior of the 09 i rented was very spacious and comfortable. i could easily live with the inside. negatives were that the seats had no support on the sides so if you take a turn fast, you are sliding all over the place, and that it was sort of uninspired. and i didnt have fun driving it. i like the retro look but you sit really low in it so parallel parking sucked.

    the Z4 is the opposite. its gorgeous. trim, fit and finish are all killer. handles like a champ, seats, stereo, etc are all killer. problem is there is very little space inside, you are in a fighter cockpit, and with the roof down the trunk is full. visibility on the soft top is garbage with the top up, your blind spots are a mile wide. so just drive faster than everyone else.

    #2 has no idea what they are typing. I own a 08 Z4 and it never, ever came with iDrive. the Z4s had a very watered down navigation / computer that if anything was too simplistic. it did the job, but it was not as sophisticated as the computer my gf’s prius has (at half the cost). i wish they would put in a touchscreen.

  11. yo wait a second u r comparing a mustang to the z4? are you kidding me no comparison man its a BMW Z4!!!!its beauty how can u compare a car that starts over 40 thousand to a car that starts in upper 20ssss get help!

  12. #2 You must be an American with no sense of style. The Z4 is the most beautiful car designed ever in the whole world. I love it and after having driven it there is no comparison especially not to American cars with their soft suspensions.

  13. I rented a mustang. Used to have one. I sure miss it. This car is awesome. Got more looks than my spyder.

  14. wait till you see the new Mustang that i’m currently designing. I’ll give you a hint. 800cu.in.boss t.t. w/ nos’s

  15. The Mustang is a helluva lot better looking, at least in this photo. BMW seems to have lost it for several years now re styling and that stupid iDrive setup that even an engineer couldn’t handle. The issue for me is how they get all that hp to the road, and if Ford puts that old iron V8 back in, it will probably handle like a pig.

    Long and short for me is I wouldn’t want either. For a few bucks more the Porsche Cayman is worlds better.

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