Guys: Are YOU driving a chick car?


Chick cars. Femme rockets. She-rides. Whatever we call them, there’s no doubt that some cars simply exude estrogen.

Of course, there’s always the guy who accidentally buys a chick car, only to be horribly ridiculed by his buddies later. Every guy should know there are just some cars he should never, under any circumstances, sit behind the wheel of. These are the three girliest chick cars:

Mazda Miata

I feel like mentioning the Miata as a chick car is as pointless as saying bras are only for women, but the fact that I still see dudes piloting these has proven that we must continue to raise awareness about this issue. Perhaps we need to form an organization, Men Exiting Miatas (M.E.N.), and distribute awareness bracelets. They can be pink with little red convertible logos.

VW Jetta

Sooner or later, VW engineers will need to create load ratings for the rear-view mirrors of Jettas, so teen girls will know exactly how much they can hang on them.

VW Beetle

It comes with a flower vase. Standard.

The following vehicles are acceptable for a guy to drive ONLY if he’s married to a woman who owns one (dating her does not count):

Honda CR-V or Honda Pilot

pilotTake a trip to any elementary school in the nation, and you’ll think it’s been converted to a Honda Dealership. But no, it’s just moms picking up their kids.

Volvo XC90

Some moms have a little extra money to spend and need some “snobberage” (snobbery leverage) over their Pilot-owning friends.

Audi A4 

roxy1If a young woman makes it into her career without getting married, she’ll trade in her Jetta for an Audi sedan. She’ll also transfer her hanging materials from the mirror and probably even stick a Roxy decal on the back window.

Now, you need to stay tuned, because soon I’m going to reveal the most manly vehicles… and it’s not pretty. Women, you may have this whole car thing all figured out!

What other cars are for girls only? What’s the girliest car ever built?



  1. Hey boyssss,

    I just traded in my Jetta for a Ford Escape!! I’m so excited!!! This is all the car a girl needs!

  2. “Men Exiting Miatas (M.E.N.), and distribute awareness bracelets.”

    On the other hand, maybe you’re just as dumb as a stump, and your thoughts on “chick cars” are about as interesting as your ability to accurately construct an acronym.

  3. So the Audi A4 is now a chick’s car. Get a real life – one of the stupidest things I’ve ever read. I bet you’re so insecure you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a pink shirt either. You know you’re not considered fully secure in you manliness unless you are secure enough to wear a pink shirt – but then I guess you would figure you have to put a bra on under that.

  4. The Toyota RAV4. I dated a girl that got one when they were brand new. SHE said a guy should never own one.

  5. I love my Audi A4 Premium. It is supercute. It’s perfect when me and my girlfriends go shopping and to the beach. The car’s instrument panel is cleverly designed for women. I don’t have to stretch my hands to adjust the mirror or the controls. Plus it also has a lot of compartments to put my lipstick and beauty items. I have the silver one.

  6. I am a 21 year old guy and I own a 2005 VW Beetle that I love!! :) It is red and convertible and really cute I would never get rid of it. Audi and VW are my favorite cars. All i need is a sunny pretty day and my sunglasses with the top down and wind in my hair there is nothing like it :)

  7. i totally agree – out there there are real chick cars.I agree about Miata, Bettle and Hondas.but i dont understand how audi or jetta can be chick car??? it’s true that owners of these cars are mostly girls but still those are rough German cars.jetta is typical rough simply designed car…audi is more luxurious and better looking but is the that case we can say that mercedes C CSL CLK SLK are chick cars also BMW 3,5, Z4, Convertibles are chick cars.the only chick things about this cars are random girls that drive them. i would explain like this – girls learned from men what is good (coz every guy’s dream is Benz BMW or Audi) and now girls are proving that they can drive those cars and have better car than many my oppinion every toyota just look like chick’s design is just like that.maybe im not right coz i grew up in europe where “chick car” standards are not that strict. when you talk about chick cars you have to consider everything connected to that car – brand,image,design,price,character,brand history…everything – coz one BMW Audi Mercedes (except A and B class)Volkswagen (except Polo and Fox for EU market) Cadillac, Jaguar,Land Rover, Lincoln, Volvo…and super sport cars (Ferrari,Lambo,Aston Martin…) CAN NOT be chick cars only coz girls mostly drive them… This “Chick Cars” thing shows how Homophobic today’s guys are. Audi A4 is awesome car that shows its driver’s toughness and perfectionism not softness and weakness. Guys should stay away from some cars but u cant just going around and putting “chick car” tags on good cars whose abilities girls will never be able to use…only guys…

  8. The Hyundai Elantra screams chick car. I have only seen one man drive one, and he tried so desprately contain his masculinity. With no sucess.

    Also, my friend drove around for two weeks with liceince plate border reading “This is what a princess looks like” for two weeks. No one ever pointed it out to him. Probably assumed that he was driving his girlfriends car

  9. Nice list you got there. Though it applies only in USA because the car culture there is so different comparing to for example Europe.
    If we talk about the ultimate girly car, there can be only one candidate: Nissan micra c+c (preferably in pink). I don’t know do they sell it in America but I think you get the image from this picture:

    Another big chick-car is the Toyota prius hybrid. Also the biggest smuck-car and idiot-car. To all people who are driving a prius: change it to just a normal diesel. Same mpg-figures and about the same amount of carbon dioxide.

    btw. The reason why some dudes are driving miatas is that they really are good cars and handel quite nicely :)

  10. So true- for all the men obsessing about what cars they absolutely “must have” we women know how to choose practicality and style. Go car divas! (By the way, I own a Honda CR-V and I’ve owned a Pilot. Our son’s elementary school parking lot is like a sea of Pilots, so I downsized. My other car is an Audi. LOL!)

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