Get a Free Fiesta from Ford!


I want a CarGurus reader to get a free Ford Fiesta. 

As part of Ford’s plan to finally launch their little European superstar in America, they’re giving 100 Fiestas away to deserving drivers for a 6-month test drive. 

What makes someone any more deserving than anyone else? Well, that’s for you to prove. Ford is using this website to ask for a 2-5 minute video that explains why you deserve an opportunity to take a…well…Fiesta!

Here’s a sample entry:

There does seem to be a catch to the promotion, though, which could  end up being either a ton of fun or a serious road block on the way to wherever it is you want to go:

You’ll receive monthly secret assignments from Ford Mission Control that will take you to places you’ve never been, to meet people you’ve never met, and to experiences you’ll never forget.

Secret assignments from Ford Mission Control? Maybe the 100 winners are actually being wrangled into a gold-smuggling scheme, like the MINI Coopers in The Italian Job. 

More likely, the winners will make scheduled pit stops at malls across America to promote their ride, but still, it could be a real adventure! I think going anywhere in a vehicle that could redefine the American economy-car class would be a real kick in the pants.

Expect the Fiesta to actually be fun to drive, have useable interior space, and spoil drivers with innovative technology and a comfortable cabin, a combination of features that hasn’t ever been seen in a car of this size from an American automaker.

Personally, I believe the readers and friends of CarGurus are more deserving than anyone to get a shot at the Fiesta before they go on sale, so we want to see you enter and win! We’d also love to see your videos, so if you do enter, be sure to leave a link to your video in the comment section! 

Do you plan on entering to win a Ford Fiesta? What do you think of this promotion?



  1. Im excited for this car because, I’m sorry, but the present cars aimed at my age of 20 is not inspiring from ford or other american based cars. (what i mean is like gm cars, ford, and daimler chrysler.) I mean, we have the chevy cavlier, the pontiac look alike, and those other cars, but they dont have the things that foriegn cars have, such as safety, like side airbags or anti-lock brakes. From what I can recall, toyota and nissan have had the above mentioned safety features as standard, where as I believe you still have to order the side airbags and anti lock brakes with the car. What makes me say this is that in 2005 my sister had to slam on the brakes in her 2005 Pt Cruiser, and, unlike we thought, the back wheels locked up and we would have hit the truck doing a u-turn on the highway, if she hadnt eased of the brakes to swerve. Now I know some people on here would rather have speed and agility then the next safety item, but it doesnt matter how fast your car but if you can walk away when your car loses control.

  2. @AGRON
    When was the last time you drove a North America made car idiot stick? Have you ever fixed a freaking car? Until you have facts to back up your lame ass analysis, SHUT UP!

    Oh, if you are basing your research on 15 year old North American cars, quit living in the past and get with the present.

  3. well personally i think i should have a fiesta for the sheer fact that my other half owns 1 now and all we seem to have had is problems with the disil engine from oil coolers to glow plugs said she ought to flog it on but she insists that she keeps it coz she loves the little blighter this the second fiesta she has owned though the first 1 woz wene she passed her test she had it 4 ages and wished she never got rid of it so in a nut shell maybe i dont deserve to have 1 but she how ever does so by me getting 1 she will be driving it

  4. I personally love the idea of winning a new car and the possibility of excitement and adventure that could go along with it. A new car and new fun experiences, that’s enough to get any ones heat racing.

  5. I think I should get the fiesta for FORD to prove to me that their company name still does not stand for Found On Road Dead F.O.R.D.

    Because to be honest, the REAL REASON why the American Auto Industry is down is because KARMA IS A B**CH. You made and knowingly sold garbage to the American Consumer, now its coming back to you. Don’t cry for a bailout. Use the American Dollars you easily made. All you had to do was copy the technology of Germany or Japan. Don’t lie to the people, you made junk because you figure the AMERICAN BUFFALO’s that buy your cars will buy new one’s ever few years. Rather than buy one car that lasts 10-20 years.

    I have a Toyota Matrix and Nissan Frontier. Both are well over 160,000 miles. The Toyota is 2003 model, and the Nissan is 2002 model. Both are at that high millege WITHOUT A MAJOR TUNE UP AT ALL.

    Only work done on it was oil change (synthetic oil used only).

    If you look on the Road I garuntee 8 out of 10 cars ATLEAST found on the side of the road do to engine problems are AMERICAN MADE.

    So until you make a Great Vehicle, Go F*** yourselves with your BS tears.

    You even stupidly proved to the American’s that it was more reliable to take a jet to congress because you were scared your Cars would break down on the trip. LMAO losers!

  6. I just remember the original Fiesta… so the idea of a new one isn’t too exciting. It does look cool and I hope it lives up to its promise. I’d probably take one if I won!

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