When test tracks become parking lots…


Take a close look at this picture.

What comes to mind: Costco on a Saturday? Maybe the parking lot on Super Bowl game day?

This image is of Nissan’s test track in England. Those cars are unsold Nissans. If one image ever summed up the state of the auto industry, this is it.

You know those TV commercials where Nissans are shown racing around their test track, avoiding obstacles and going through sections of track with names like “the frame twist”? Well, Nissan’s not testing any new cars on that track now. The only obstacle encountered here would be other cars (which I suppose would make for a more real-world test)!

Seriously though, this tells me just how badly the auto industry is being hit, and it goes way beyond America’s automakers. Honda for example recently announced production cuts  and layoffs. Even Toyota, who it was just announced has unseated GM as the world’s top-selling automaker, is announcing cuts in their production.

If the backlog of unsold cars is as bad as this picture makes it look, even production cuts seem like a futile effort to bring production back in line with demand. First they’ve got to find a way to clear out their unsold inventory.

And that’s where the good news is in all this. With so many cars waiting to be sold, there are some killer deals on new cars waiting just for you, if you know how to find them. 

Would you buy a new car right now if you found the right deal?



  1. I checked out your “killer deals” link, TG, and found the only Nissan car listed there was the Infiniti (0% APR on all 2008 models). That deal would not tempt me. I think the company is parking their machines on the test track to prepare for a big “killer sale.” Or something.

  2. I’d buy a new car if the deal was right! Heck, maybe I CAN get the deal I want… I’m going shopping!

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