Would you buy one of these luxury cars if the price was right?

Jaguar XK

Every once in a while I get a real hankering for a luxury car that’s way out of my price range. I mean who wouldn’t want to sit behind the wheel of a brand new 911 Turbo or cruise with a heavy dose of Lexus luxury?

While the price of entry on such new vehicles leaves me dreaming, there’s always another option for people like me: stepping back a few years in time.

Here are some of the best values for parking some true performance and luxury in your garage (while making your neighbors think you’ve hit the big time):   

2000 Jaguar XK8

MSRP: $66,000
Used: $13,000-$18,000
I remember drooling over this car when it came out; that classic oval grille, a true Jag V8, Connolly leather, wood trim and 300 horsepower. All for under 20 grand? Where do I sign!?


2001 Porsche 911

MSRP: $66,000-$111,000.
Used: $26,000-$50,000
The 911 is a true automotive icon, and going back a few years saves you a ton of money while still getting everything a 911 has ever stood for.


2001 BMW M5

MSRP: $69,400
Used: $25,000
With a 4.9-liter V8 producing 394 horsepower, this car was a bargain at nearly $70K. Now we can pick one up for the cost of a Chrysler.


2002 Mercedes Benz S430

MSRP: $71,850
Used: $20,000
Wouldn’t it be fun to tell your friends you drive a $72,000 car? Do a little searching and you’ll likely find a deal you just can’t pass up.

Land Rover Range Rover

2003 Land Rover Range Rover

MSRP: $71,200
Used: under $30,000
2003 saw a redesign of the classic Rover, and even the brand new models still look similar. Save yourself close to $50,000 and drive in true opulence!


2004 Lexus LS 430

MSRP: $55,000
Used: $25,000
Hmmm… let’s see… a new Camry or a used Lexus? Spend the same amount of money and get unrivaled luxury while still getting the legendary quality and reliability that goes with Lexus ownership.

What do you think are the best values in used luxury cars right now?



  1. I’ve always dreamed of owning an Aston Martin. What’s the going rate for a used DB9 or Vanquish?

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