Geneva: Cars, Watches, Good Food and Money


Geneva has always been the most refined of the auto shows—not the largest, not the most debuts, not the most media noise. Yet the major manufacturers generally are there, and the atmosphere is less frenetic than at other venues. This year it will feature some introductions, and we want to share a few interesting preview photos with you.


Much talk has been generated by the so-called Bio Bentley, a biofuel-powered Continental GT we’ve seen only in a “teaser shot” that doesn’t give much away. If the Queen can convert her limo to bio-goo, it’s probably a good idea for commoners.


The new Benz E-Class Coupe replaces the current CLK and reportedly may go on sale later this year after the sedan debuts in the summer.


Opel has a 5-door hatchback called the Ampera (above), a lithium-ion battery powered, 220-volt rechargeable, with a small IC engine for longer distances. They want to be “the first European automaker to provide customers several hundred kilometers of non-stop electric driving.” Several hundred?

2007_chevy_beat_conceptside_view2 2008_chevrolet_sparkrear_three_quarter_view2 2010-chevy-spark1Much media malarkey has been generated over the Chevrolet Spark, which will finally appear in the flesh, so to speak, at Geneva. We covered some of this before, but here are three photos showing the progression from 2007 Beat concept to 2008 Spark and now the expected 2011 car (on right). As in most cases, the concept “beats” the execution.


More concept cars for Geneva: The EDAG, a black blob in basalt fiber (lightweight, stable, recyclable, and fairly cheap stuff, they say) is an all-electric, 150-km range car using light-emitting diodes for front and rear lighting in glass panels. The company is calling it “an open-source project,” meaning it wants to work with others in the further development of the car. Interesting, but glass front and rear panels?


Mitsubishi will show the MiEV SPORT AIR, an all electric zero-emissions effort with removable top and interesting lines, at least in the sketches. If you can’t tell front from back, you’re not alone. The company is pushing this as a performance vehicle that should go on sale in Japan by year’s end for “the equivalent of $24,000.” Some 30 are being tested on Tokyo’s streets.

All right, readers, tell us which of these cars you would like NOT to come to the U.S. . . . and why not?

Find more on the Geneva Auto Show website.



  1. Wow, looks like we’re heading to the future. Look up the
    “2023 Birdwing Ford”. I looked at that car and you wont
    believe it.

  2. I think the chevy should not come to the US. it looks too much like the cooper or smart cars. I love the lightning bolt one and the mistubishi. and of course the bio-bently and BENZ! cant wait to see these cars :)

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