The Cardinals didn’t win… but did Hyundai?


The 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe, Hyundai's Super Bowl MVP

If someone told me 5 years ago that Super Bowl XLIII would have more Hyundai commercials than Ford or GM commercials, I would’ve laughed in the face of that poor schmuck. Then I would have tried to take advantage of him by betting that the Arizona Cardinals had a zero percent chance of playing in the game.

Boy, I would’ve lost a LOT of money on Sunday night.

Perhaps we can draw some parallels between the Cardinals and Hyundai… two organizations who in past years really had no business being in the Super Bowl. Some would say neither deserved to be there this year, but both proved last night that they are worthy and able to put up a heck of a fight.

Hyundai had a major Super Bowl presence by way of sponsorships and traditional spots. My favorite: the spot where other car company execs were screaming “HYUNDAI!?” in disbelief at the Genesis being named the 2009 North American Car of the Year. The ad was brilliant and summed up the elite’s response to an underdog making it to the big time.

Yeah, the Cardinals lost the Super Bowl. But they made a statement to the world by saying, “We deserve to be here, and you need to respect us.”

Hyundai made a similar statement. While they didn’t produce the most memorable TV ads the Super Bowl has ever seen, they showed up. In a big way.

This is the year that some of the great Super Bowl heavyweights weren’t present… No Patriots, Broncos, or Giants; no Ford, Chevy, or Dodge.

Instead we had newcomers on the field and in the advertising, up against experienced Super Bowl champions Steelers, Toyota, and Audi.

While neither of the underdogs came away with a Super Bowl victory, I think they both gained the respect of the world; and sometimes that’s good enough.

Which Super Bowl car ads stuck out to you? Did Hyundai make an impact on you?


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