Found on eBay: the opportunity of a lifetime!


I love eBay motors.

While I’ve never bought a car through eBay, I scroll the offerings on a regular basis. I do it to check prices and see what’s out there, but in the back of my mind I’m always hoping to stumble across something truly amazing.

Boy was I treated this week when I found an Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione. (After digging a little deeper, it appears there were actually THREE Competiziones up for auction at once.) Talk about a stunning car! Only 84 came to the U.S., and I would’ve thought they’d all be snatched up by the time they were put on the boat in Italy. 

Yet here we have one of the most beautiful and exclusive new cars in the world, up for sale on the auction site available to all of humanity. Of course there’s still the sticky little issue of the Buy it Now price: $329,995. On the positive side, that price includes floor mats, so you won’t have to stop by the auto parts store on your way home.

On the other side of the exclusivity scale, I had a friend who found a minivan on eBay with a price that couldn’t be matched locally. He snatched it up and had it shipped, only to discover later that it had been flooded in a hurricane. Awesome.

alfa-romeo-8c-competizione-reareBay Motors is really just like any other car lot, except it’s worldwide and has everything from Alfa Romeos to Z28s. Like any car lot, you need to be careful with what you buy. I never felt too bad for my friend because it’s idiotic to buy a car without researching it, especially when the price seems too good to be true.

Had he bought a car like the Competizione, though, I’d probably still be friends with him, whether it was water-damaged or not.

Would you consider buying a car on eBay?


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  1. I saw the guys from Top Gear review this car and they said it was pretty poor. But it does look sweet and I wouldn’d mind one myself. I also love ebay motors but have never bought anything off of it. My friend bought a 87′ pontiac fiero and it turned out to be okay besides the fact that it didn’t pass inspection…

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