Car Art on St. Valentine’s Day


It’s interesting to see how car people around the world express themselves on Valentine’s Day. I thought I’d take a look on the Web for car Valentines and found most of the stuff pretty predictable. You know, pix of snowy cars with hearts traced on them, black cars with red hearts placed on them, ‘50s cars with sexy women draped on them.

As a vehicle for Valentine expression, the car turns up in all kinds of places, however. Here are a few of them.
For some reason the Chinese seem partial to covering their cars in chocolate. There were no pictures of people eating off the car.

egypt In Egypt someone created this fanciful way to wink.

pink_car_2_470x350 The English like to paint their Jaguars pink.

heart-shaped-car istock_000001190534xsmall1

valentines_day_graphics_08gifAnd finally, in the U.S. we get a little goofy in expressing our love.


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