Who Makes the World’s Fastest Street-Legal Sedan?


I’m all for fast cars, but seriously, this is getting insane. How fast do we need to go on the streets?

German tuning specialists Brabus and G-Power are in a back-and-forth duel for the bragging rights of holding the title of World’s Fastest Street-Legal Sedan.

G-Power did it first, with the tricked-out 225-mph Hurricane M5, which is a BMW M5 with a V10 and 730 ponies.

Then Brabus came with their jab in the form of the Rocket, a Mercedes CLS with a bored-out, twin-turbo V12 that was clocked at 2 mph faster than the Hurricane.

Naturally, the folks at G-Power couldn’t let that stand, so they went back to work and built the Hurricane M5 RS, lifting the power output to 750 horses and gaining 1.3 mph over the Rocket to reclaim the World’s Fastest Street-Legal Sedan title.

brabus-rocketNow Brabus is back to work as you’re reading this to try and eke out a half mile an hour so the title is again theirs.

Anyone else think this has crossed into insanity? A sedan that can go 230 miles per hour serves no point other than flattering the ego of those who built it. Yes, there are people who will say that pushing the envelope like this can discover new technology for future use in production vehicles.

All Brabus and G-Power are looking for, though, is speed, and every car on the road right now is capable of going fast enough for the needs of ground transportation. Maybe there are some racing applications here, but then these cars shouldn’t be created under the guise of being “street legal.”

You wanna go 230 miles per hour? Get on an airplane.

Do you think Brabus and G-Power should keep duking it out to create faster sedans?


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