Coming face to face with a car that hops


Cars don’t do a lot of hopping where I live.

So when I was on my way to the mall the other day in my CR-V, the lowrider next to me might as well have been any other car on the road. Until the car rose up to my height, the driver nodded at me and then sunk his car right back down again.

Oh sure, I’ve seen movies with lowriders all rigged up with hydraulic systems, bouncing and gyrating to the beat of rap music.

Seeing it happen three blocks from my local mall caused a serious double-take, though, which was probably the point of the young man driving. Whatever his reasons are for customizing his car like that, it got me thinking about cars that hop and spurred a YouTube search when I got home.

Holy smokes, car hopping is pretty serious business! Videos like this are all over YouTube:

While this kind of customization is not something I’d do to a ’65 Impala, I sure respect the technology and engineering behind all those hydraulics. Seriously, how are axles and ball joints not snapping with every bounce these cars take? That’s the question I was asking myself when I found this video. Ouch!

While I’d rather customize an old Impala into a supercharged muscle car, you won’t hear any smack from me on turning one into a hydraulic masterpiece.

If you had a ’65 Impala, would you rather restore it to its original form, create a hot rod out of it, or customize it with hydraulics?


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  1. as a chevrolet original purist id say OG all the way…but im also a lowrider.. and build all types of rides… so first id just do a full restoreation….if the car is not that rough to start with…. if that much morework is going into a beater id do a full custom LOWROD on a 64 impala, they seem to be apreciated more this way….

    your pre 65 and below are what are the more popular lowriders…

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