Fear this, Prius! Here comes America…


Ask anyone what the best hybrid car is and you’ll likely hear “Prius” nine times out of 10.

Toyota has had a stranglehold on the hybrid market since introducing the Prius in Japan in 1997. Nothing short of world domination has ensued in the years since. Not to say there hasn’t been any competition; Honda has tried with their Insight, Civic and Accord hybrids. Nissan has given it a half-hearted go with the Altima hybrid. GM stumbled into the game with the meaningless Cadillac Escalade hybrid. And Ford? Hardly worth mentioning as their Escape hybrid has been simply mediocre.

By hey, what do you know – leave it to Ford to come up with a game changer and topple King Prius from the top of Media Mountain. And it’s not the Escape that made the lofty climb to the top; it’s the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid.

USA Today and Car & Driver recently raved about the Fusion Hybrid. In fact, in both of their tests, the Ford smacked the Toyota from its perch at the top, sent it tumbling into the ocean below, and then blew it out of the water.

Here’s what USA Today said:

OK, let’s just get it out there: The 2010 Ford Fusion hybrid is the best gasoline-electric hybrid yet. What makes it best is a top-drawer blend of an already very good midsize sedan with the industry’s smoothest, best-integrated gas-electric power system. It’s so well-done that you have to look to the $107,000 Lexus LS 600h hybrid to come close.

Dude. You have to spend $107K just to get CLOSE to the Fusion! Who would’ve ever thought the automotive press would say that about a Ford, especially in our current U.S. automaker crisis? Talk about a welcome breath of fresh air.

And to keep the clean breathing going, check out Car & Driver’s take:

Ford has pulled off a game changer with this 2010 model, creating a high-mpg family hauler that’s fun to drive. Nothing about the leather-lined test car, optioned up from its $27,995 base price to $32,555, seemed economy minded except for the mileage readings. On that score, the Fusion topped the others, turning in a 34-mpg score card for the overall 300-mile test run.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve needed to hear something positive about the U.S. automakers for a long time now. Ford, I congratulate you on a job well done and I’m excited to see what you come out with next.

What do you think about these reviews of the 2010 Fusion Hybrid?



  1. Just bought a Fusion and I would never regret it. It’s a beautiful machine. I didn’t get the hybrid but….it’s still everything I want in a car. I agree with Phil, the comparison with Lexus is going far but for an affordable mid sized car, you can’t go wrong.

  2. 34-mpg!
    The next Prius gets 46mpg combined city/hwy according to the DOE.
    The biggest market for Hybrids (in times of cheap gas) is people who want to be green, and getting over 10mpg less than the Prius is nothing to crow about. The new Honda Insight is supposed to get between 45 and 60mpg as well as being a much more substantial car than the previous versions and sells for $19k.

  3. Comparing the Fusion with a Lexus might be over the top but it is a fine looking car! I’d buy one.

  4. Sounds like a solid car. Nice job Ford.

    I can’t help but think that they should have made this into an entirely new model. Some people buy a Prius because of the social status that comes with it – meaning its cool to drive a hybrid, and the Prius name makes you “Green”. It’s not really exciting to say you drive a Fusion.
    Honda resurrected the Insight nameplate because it just wasn’t enough for people to drive a Civic Hybrid, they wanted a whole new, stand-alone, hybrid model.

    Great step in the right direction though. Hats of to Ford. Sounds like a nice vehicle.

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