Maserati GranTurismo S: No Concession to the Times


In a time when we all seem to be giving up our dreams and dollars, turning to hybrids or even econocubes, one of the great marques steps out with a Grand Touring Sports car that puts others to shame. (More pix here.) If your portfolio is giving you fits, take $135K or so and put it where it will reward you every day.

maser-rear1Not only is it one of the best looking GTs anywhere, the Maserati is kind of a bargain when you look at the competition. Niched between the paltry Porsches and the over-the-top Astons, the GTS has a lot more class than either. Now, owing to public demand, our Italian friends are giving it a ZF automatic with paddles to replace the electro-clutch in the former “automatic.” This should provide smoother and faster shifting, and it’s debuting at the Geneva Show.

maser-interior1You’ll also get elegant 20” wheels, Bluetooth and iPod capability, and sideskirts under the doors. Standard is a 4.7-liter V8 with 433 hp and 361 lb-ft of torque, which should be enough to get your blue blood flowing. A Skyhook suspension system, like Ferrari’s, features electronically controlled damping. Since Fiat owns both Ferrari and Maserati (and Alfa Romeo), we may see more of these Mediterranean beauties here in the States.

But don’t expect prices to drop. The GT (no S) has made new sales records in all markets, and S buyers will have to be wait-listed. Said one auto analyst at the LA Show last fall, where Maserati starred,

You’re dealing with the ultra rich who, even if they take a hit, a car purchase for them is a very, very fractional piece of their net worth, Whether they’re paying $50,000 for a car or $200,000 or $300,000 for a car, it really makes no difference in their net worth.

Thank God we can all rest easy on that score.

What is it about Maseratis that turns us on—rich or poor?



  1. its granturismo, not grantourismo. I checked the spelling on the book from my test drive…. get the S version- it’s worth it

  2. The maserati have always been saught after cars for their beautey, exclusivity, and value. Most of them are basically softened ferrari at bargin prices… the GT is a beautiful car that is a joy to drive, listen to, and look at. The GTS is just on steroids a little bit which thankfully in the world of autos is not illegal. The Maserati wont be hit as much as many other premium auto makers (like ferrari) because the owners are more finantially secure and they are cars that people hold on to because they are not just playtoys…

    if i was making a million a year it would be my luxary cruiser…

    cheers all…

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