Bugatti at 100: the Blue Centenaire


Last year Bugatti’s Veyron was treated to a designer makeover by Hermès, the great French fashion house, and the car was first displayed at the Geneva show. This year, to mark the centenary of the Bugatti firm, Geneva presents the car decked out in French racing blue two-tone paint, with several other cosmetic and geeky items like a rearview camera.

bugatti_veyron_bleu_centenaire_interiorThe car was misreported to have a power boost to 1,350 hp, but no, you’ll have to settle for the standard, sluggish 1,001-hp mill. The interior—finished in “snowbeige” quilted leather—is gorgeous.

Designers have always put their imprints on cars, and I think we once had something called the Bill Blass Thunderbird. There’s an assortment of pix of the Veyron in its many iterations here. And there have been many special editions of the car since its inception in 2005.

The company reports that 250 of the 300 to be built have been sold, though it appears that some buyers may have forfeited deposits, and a fair number of “preowned” Veyrons are on the market. At $1.5 million per, a few buyers may well be having second thoughts.

bugatti-gs-roadsterStill, beginning in April Bugatti is going to build 150 Grand Sport Roadsters (Veyron convertibles to the common herd), which may well be more sought after. For some reason, they look better, I think.

What is it about special editions that entices buyers to pay extra for what is, after all, a basic car?



  1. It’s a beautiful car, but when I think about what the cars I could buy with $1.5 million, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’d have a lot more fun driving a Ferrari AND Cobra AND Corvette AND XKE AND BMW, etc. etc. and be still able to put up a heated pole barn to store them in as well. But then, I’m a car guy and not someone trying to outspend Bernie Madoff.

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