The Aston Martin Lagonda Concept: They Gotta Be Kidding


aston-martin-lagonda-concept-rear aston-martin-lagonda-concept-sideI just saw the pictures of this and had to share them. It was Geneva’s jaw-dropper of the show, whose designer Marek Reichman reportedly said, “I don’t think there’s anything like this.” Good God, we hope not. The trunk looks like something I remember from my grandfather’s Packard.

Comments have been 90% unfavorable, as you might suspect, but the company defends the Lagonda concept as a kind of alternative to the SUV, “a luxury car that is capable on rough roads.” It has all-wheel drive, a V12, and 22-inch wheels, and it’s built on a Mercedes-Benz GL SUV platform.

The car is aimed to sell to a select upper-crust audience—people with lots of money in China, India, Russia, and the Middle East who like to travel over potholes in high style.

Up front, it’s dark, sporty and driver-oriented, with a leather trimmed floor. At the rear, though, it’s lighter, and more luxurious looking, with special silk carpet on the floor. “The rear compartment feels like a first class jet,” Reichman says, noting that a significant number of luxury car owners in China and India prefer to be chauffeur-driven.

No word on what this monster will cost, or whether the leather-trimmed floor comes standard.

aston_martin-lagonda_1976_800x600_wallpaper_02For a company known for its gorgeous sport coupes and sedans, this is a strange departure. One remembers the 1976 AM Lagonda (left), beautiful but mechanically cursed. Now we (may) have the Lagonda concept, an ugly beast with refined innards.

Why would the company produce a corporate jet for the ground in a market like the present? And why make it so ugly? Give us your thoughts.



  1. I kind of like it. Although it may not quite be up to Aston Martin’s design standards, the front looks really good for an SUV. The back is the part that makes it look awkward. The trunk door doesn’t look like it fits all the way.

  2. Wow! That’s almost all I can say….well, almost.

    I’m sorry, but that attempt at a Supercar-Soccer-Mom-Minivan is hideous. The Aston Martin folks should sneak in and rip their emblem off the hood before too many people can associate that thing with their amazing design reputation.

    Reminds me of the only slightly more grotesque Pontiac Aztek. They both look like they were backed into a brick wall and then a piano dropped on the rear. ***shudder***

  3. This car is called the Aston Martin Lagonda Concept car, well I hope most people will agree this car
    should remain a concept car and never been seen and used in public. This car is one of the most
    hideous I’ve ever seen and I was very surprised that Aston Martin would stand behind such an ugly
    car. I’ve been a fan of Aston Martin for over 20 years because they have always raised the bar with
    such great looking and engineered cars. Their latest car that blew me away with styling and detail
    is the 2010 Aston Martin Rapide which would have been a great follow-up to the 76 Lagonda instead
    of this massive ugly elephant they have created. I just hope who ever is in charge of making decisions
    at Aston Martin wakes up out of his or hers coma and never mass produce this car, they will regret it.

  4. The 70’s and 80’s Lagonda still makes me drool to this day. I’ll own one one of these days! But the new one is a mistake. Hopefully that’s the very very very early concept that will improve when it comes to production.

  5. The front sections looks great, but as you make your way to the rear, everything just goes wrong! The designers must’ve said to themselves, lets give it a hatchback, so they started to draw it downwards, then they realized “oh snap! Lets give it a trunk instead!” So they simply went outwards giving it that hideous look. Its like someone gave it a big booty to add appeal, (don’t get me wrong I love booty) but its just all out of proportion. Aston Martin is known for its great looking cars, but this is just a mockery of the entire company.

  6. I agree w/ Colin R; there’s nothing beautiful about the 76 Lagonda. Evidently the northern snows have frozen Dr. Goods’ senses.

  7. Just want to share what the folks at autoblog said about the Lagonda after seeing it on the show floor: “in person, the Lagonda Concept actually has a number of things going for it. There’s no denying it is a massive, jarring vehicle – particularly in the context of the achingly beautiful Aston Martins that surround it, and it wasn’t helpful that the tight display space served to over-emphasize its size, but the concept still has merit and looks decidedly production-friendly…On the whole, the Lagonda would be hard to call “artful,” and as a whole, the exterior looks faintly derivative. However, given the emerging markets that the company is pursuing with this concept – as well as the vacuum in this space for an ultra-premium vehicle of this bodystyle and rough-rough capability – we can see this working out… if global markets recover.”

  8. Are you calling the ’76 Lagonda “beautiful”!? I think it’s one of the ugliest cars ever made. It looks like a stretched out and squashed Buick.

    And yes, the new Lagonda is hideous too.

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