Land Rover LRX: Round Two in British Ugliness Sweepstakes


tgriffith just showed us a photo of the Audi R8, and no one could deny that’s a gorgeous car, even if the Germans don’t win many design awards. But when it comes to SUVs, our British friends just don’t seem to get it. We just saw them produce a beastly monstrosity in the new Aston Martin Lagonda. Now here they come again with the new Range Rover LRX. Click on photo to get the full impact.

As I said about the Kia Soul Sport, this thing looks like someone stepped on it. What’s the deal about squashed-down rear quarters? Is that a new styling trend, or are they trying to sell us rear-view cameras because the vision’s so bad? Jalopnik says it may come in as a five-door and “carry a taller roof line.” One would hope so.

And all those front-end styling tricks, sculpted panels and flow lines. What happened to simple, form-and-function cars? Land Rover’s design director Gerry McGovern says, “This vehicle has its own unique personality. It’s very dramatic and its very youthful.”

This is really tiresome fluff, Gerry, especially when I read the votes of confidence some folks have expressed in your company via comments on that Jalopnik post:

As a previous owner of a Land Rover, what I appreciate most about them is that you often sell them with relatively low mileage for the year. This is often due to the fact that they spend more time on a lift, than on the road, but all in all it is still a benefit.


As a Range Rover owner and Land Rover enthusiast I can say I expect nothing from this concept. I saw the Stormer with all it’s amazingness, and it became that anesthesia on wheels that is the RR Sport.

Tell us about your Land Rover experiences. Are you friend or foe?


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  1. This car is love of my life. Speechless u just run out of words. Big complement to range roover company with this design u have outdone yourselfs. Big-up to u guy. Is smashing is dezzling, is ohlalal.



  2. Are you kidding me? That is a heck of a cool design. As the son of a chief designer from Daimler (made the maybach), I think I have more knowledge on what is good or bad design. I admit most of Daimler’s cars are shit, and my father agrees as well. The author of this article is a witless twazoc.

  3. Completely agree with all that say that this car is beautiful. The nay-sayers are hardcore LR fans who don’t want the designs to look forward. Unfortunately, if you look at the previous concepts – RR stormer which became the RR sport (as previously mentioned), and the Jaguar C-XF, which become the Jaguar XF; you’ll come to the same conclusions….Jaguar/LR have a habit of turning beautiful concepts into DULL and BORING production cars!!

  4. It looks like the 4 door sport that West Coast Customs, turned into a 2 door and pimped for some Arab Prince in Dubai – still… I like it!!

  5. This concept is quite likable and probably is the direction that LR is headed in the future. Their RR has been great, but its a tad old these days, with lots of new designs coming up from competition, while the RR has pretty much remained the same. Its about time that LR has started brewing something new on the design front, so far, I think that brewing has some future.


  6. @JON
    You are absolutely right, LA LA BO. i think this is by far the best L-R. Who wants a square hut for a roof anyway.

  7. This car is amazing! I’m sooo getting it when i’m 17!!!! Don’t care what the price is wether its 100,000.00 i’m still getting it!! You lot auta be CRAZY if you dont like this car!! WERIDOS if you don’t like it!!! hahahaha!! Yous that do love ya you will have an amzing life!!! well done!!! OTHERS THAT DONT LIKE IS LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I guess it’s quite hard to combine company design heritage and modern styling and still end up with a car that looks both unique and beautiful. It looks to me the guys in LR did just that.

  9. Well… The 1996 Land rover has a ceiling glue problem…The head liner is coming loose in the middle. I could play Crazy Glue junkie or 3-M needle freak and try to squirt adhesive through the cloth…

  10. I don’t think anyone really gets it. We’re in the year of 2009, an age where technology and innovation is growing at such speeds no one can really keep up with it. This car shows true design. Think about the City of Culture in Spain. Search it an you will see what design means today. This car is the future, an I believe its beautiful.

  11. I like it. I would be happy to see it on the streets and lanes. While I am a Land Rover enthusiast I am not oblivious to their faults, but these are terrific vehicles that they are producing now. I’m proud of where they come from and we should applaud the men and women that produce them. Or should we stand in line and beat them with a stick?

  12. “And all those front-end styling tricks, sculpted panels and flow lines. What happened to simple, form-and-function cars?”

    Not everyone wants to schlep around in drab family econoboxes. While I appreciate classic vehicles in their historic perspective, I would gladly own an LRX and support design that is moving forward and not mired in the past.
    A vehicle’s attractiveness is and will always be subjective. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.

  13. @Scott Crim
    Scott, LR has stated in a press release that they are going to build this thing–and they are getting up to £37 million from the British government to do it. See the Jalopnik story.

  14. you lot have not clue, i have seen this car in the metal and it is truely amazing, the best looking car to come from the Land ROver Stable ever.

  15. I think you miss the point. Both of these “ugly” British SUVs are concepts. Concepts, as most people know, are used to test the marketability of an idea for a product (car). Secondly, ugly is far from fact. Quite frankly I disagree with your Opinion that these are “Ugly” vehicles and yes, the “squashed-down rear quarters” are in style. Along with the rest of both designs, that styling makes them appear Bold and Powerful. This styling set the pitch of the vehicle to make it appear more muscular. In any case, these are very bold moves by both companies whether you like the move or not. Besides that, these vehicles will probably never be produced considering they are Concepts.

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