The Mysterious Case of 81 Missing Cars and 3 Dealer Employees


When a car dealer employee arrives to work after a day off and finds an empty lot, her first reaction might be serious regret for not working on a very busy sales day.

These days, though, it’s more likely the lot was cleared out by thieves than by paying customers.

Such is the case at Nebraska dealer Legacy Auto Sales, who woke up earlier this week to find 81 Fords and Toyotas missing, worth an estimated $2.5 million. Also missing were the dealer’s owner, general manager, and controller.

Hmm…doesn’t take much to put two and two together and make the connection here. 

Looks like the auto freefall has translated into a lack of sales commission at this dealership, and when people start losing money, they start getting desperate. The more desperation sets in, the better the idea sounds of loading up 81 cars and trucks, hauling them out of state, and selling them at auction. 

But it doesn’t take much to trace new cars, especially when they are sold under the VIN number. You’d think the owner of a dealership would know that better than anyone.

Police say that all three of the missing employees have been found and at least one of them arrested. 

This case is a sad testament to the tough times we’re in and the depths people will sink to as they try to deal with it all. Oh, and if you bought a new Ford or Toyota this week in Utah, better check that VIN!

Can you believe a dealer owner would do something like this?


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  1. Not dealer owners but rather floor plan indentures. Auto dealers like to think of themselves a owner/capitalists but they are overseers for the “Money Masa’ somewhere out east. They are owned just as their inventory is owned by others.

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