Animals in Cars—for Fun and Profit

I’ve had some unkind things to say in the past about the Kia Soul, at least in the appearance department. But they have won my soul with their new giant hamster commercial. Apparently this takes off on an older series they did in the ‘90s. Anyhow, these critters are movin’ and shakin’ to the beat while their brothers go round and round in their wheels.

Putting animals in cars and having them do silly things has been a stock in trade for advertisers, going back at least to AMC’s Noah’s Ark commercial in 1967.

I saw one recently with two camels in a car with their heads out the windows, bleating.This wasn’t an ad; it was just funny.

A milestone in the genre was achieved a few years ago by a dealership (Suburban Car Group), and the series was called “Trunk Monkey.” Here’s one of them.

Enjoy, and Happy Friday!


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