Did your car brand win one of these prestigious awards?

BMW: Prestigious or cool?

BMW: Prestigious or cool?

You can finally rest easy, because Kelley Blue Book has released its 2009 Brand Image Awards.

If you’re like me, you lie awake at night wondering what image your car projects to your family, friends, and co-workers.

You ask yourself questions such as, “Am I driving the most rugged truck?” “Is my car the coolest one on the block?” And, “I sure hope my car shows my friends that I appreciate a good value. But what if it doesn’t?”

If you drive a Toyota, you can relax knowing that everyone you know has labeled you as a value hunter who loves your family. In addition to taking home KBB’s Best Value Brand award, Toyota also snagged Most Family Friendly Brand.

Any Dodge or Chevy truck owners out there? I’m sorry to tell you that you don’t have the truck perceived as the most rugged. You might as well be driving a Tonka if you don’t have a Ford parked in your driveway. Of the 12,000 people surveyed for this study, Ford is perceived as the Most Rugged Truck Brand.


Award-winning Cadillac interior

For those of you hoping you can have the Coolest Brand, the Best Performance Brand, and Best Luxury Exterior Brand all in one, you’re in luck if you own a BMW! If you own a Cadillac, you’ll have to settle for knowing people perceive your ride as the brand with the Best Interior Design. If that’s a little too low on the testosterone scale for you, this won’t help: Cadillac is also perceived as the Most Comfortable Brand. So if you’re planning a long road trip and want a comfy ride with a pleasing color palate, you might want to hang on to that CTS.

Mercedes owners can revel in the fact that their cars are perceived as the Best Prestige Brand. Apparently you should never confuse “prestige” with “cool,” but I’m pretty sure only the good folks over at KBB know exactly what the difference is.

One award category remains: Best Exterior Design Brand-Non Luxury. Mazda drivers: I’m sorry to say you don’t drive a car perceived as having the best exterior design. Neither do you Saturn drivers. Or you, Chevy owners. If you drive a Nissan, though, congratulations on being the envy of the neighborhood! 

What do you think of Kelley Blue Book’s 2009 Brand Image Awards?


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  1. I am having difficulty in agreeing with a couple of your choices.

    Firstly, rating Mercedes as the Best Prestige Brand?? MB has deteriorated over the past while in both ‘prestige’ and ‘quality’ and has been far surpassed, in both ratings, by our friends at, guess where, Toyota… with their premium branded “Lexus” models. (Please note the MB “Maybach” is an exception-it is one of the three most prestigious cars in the world!!)

    Ford Trucks “most rugged”-no contest! Your Toyota & Nissan ratings-bang on, however, rating Cadillac as having the best interior design??? UGH! The Caddy rating applies ONLY IF you are someone who LUVVVS buttons, dials, screens and other jun….oops, I mean ‘stuff’, cluttering up both their dash AND their console. Also, the GPS screen and clock require the driver to take their eyes WAY OFF the road in order to check the info-not very safe-IMHO. The Caddy does have something that is really good though-the side, & under your leg, seat bolsters-WOWIE!! Particularly good for times when you’ll be needing their “keep you in your seat capabilities” as one hurtles (out of necessity) :-) through sharp turns or that Caddy torque clicks in as you roar off from a ‘just turned green light’ leaving that BIMMER M5 in your dust-yeah right, heh, heh!!! I will accede to your ‘comfy’ Caddy rating though :-)

    In closing, I wanted to note the difference between “prestige” & “cool” as it pertains to cars:
    “P-r-e-s-t-i-g-e”: as in Rolls Royce, Bentley & Maybach. Brands that quietly say: elegance, prosperity, good breeding and good manners.As an aside, did you know that Rolls Royce does not even advertise-no? Well they don’t :-)

    “C-O-O-L”: as in Porsche 911, Bimmer M5, ‘Vette Z6 and MY most fave, JCW MINI Cooper ‘S’Cabriolet :-) :-) :-) Brands that quite assertively say: fun,zippy,kewl colours,grrrreat exhaust noises plus add-ons to make it truly yours…cars that kids just stare at with dreams flooding their minds and us “older kids”doing the same thing!!! :-) YES!

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