What Brand/Model Car Is This?


Can you tell us what this car is? I have a vague idea, but what do you think? It’s surely utilitarian transport, and you see a lot of that in Mexico. But the automobile is very much a means of personal expression, and Mexicans love to pimp their rides, just like we do. I’ll show you some of both varieties—utilitarian and artistic—from the streets of San Cristobàl de las Casas, way down in Chiapas.


Cars are a mobile platform to make sales, while Kombis and vans of all kinds are everywhere. You’ll see lots of mostly older Toyota Corollas used as taxis.

You also see many variations on the ever-present Beetle. In another post I’ll talk about the history of VW in Mexico and how important it’s been to the economy.

Jettas, Pointers, and Tiguans are spotted frequently here. VW México’s website shows their many models, far more than we see in the U.S.

dscn2082 We’re too intimidated to paint cars like this jive Jetta.

dscn2078I’ve seen some beautiful new small cars, like this Ford Ka, and lots of SUVs—Chevys, Jeeps, etc.—so somebody’s doing well here, even in this economy.

If you have pix of Mexican cars that you want to share, please leave them in the comment section for us. Thanks! Hasta luego.



  1. The oragne car is a VW Brasilia, produced in Mexico between 1974 and 1982… I’m not sure wich countries it was sold (apart from Mexico)… but I believe mostly latinamerican countries.

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