Schwarzenegger: a Prius or Challenger guy?


Arnold Schwarzenegger is known for driving cars that aren’t exactly easy on the gas.

I think it’s safe to say he brought the Hummer brand to the masses, all because he just HAD to have a civilian version of the almighty H1. Now, of course, he governs the great state of California and is pushing for energy conservation and smog reduction. One might think when the time came to buy a new car, he’d play it safe and go with a Prius. Or to give him a little credit, maybe the more manly Escape Hybrid.

Right… can you picture the Terminator in a Prius? I don’t think so. Our friends at Edmunds snagged some pictures of the Governator easing into his brand-new Dodge Challenger, and not the piddly V6 version, but the king-of-the-mountain 6.1-liter, 420-horsepower SRT8.

He’ll naturally catch all kinds of flack for driving a serious gas hog while preaching about saving energy. But seriously, governor or not, he’s Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Arnold Schwarzenegger drives cool cars. 

Let’s assume he’s doing his part by installing energy-efficient windows in his house and turning lights off in all his spare rooms. The man’s got an incredibly stressful job, and if he wants to have some fun in a seriously fun car, I’m behind him. 

Tear it up, Governor! 

What do you think of Gov. Schwarzenegger’s new ride?


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  1. A manager does things right.
    A leader does right things.

    That’s why Arnold will never be a credible leader.

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