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Rick Hendrick and 2010 Camaro 0001

Rick Hendrick and 2010 Camaro 0001

We’ll all have to wait and see how the steps President Obama announced yesterday pan out for GM and Chrysler, but I wanted to take a look around to see what else folks have been excited about in the auto-blog world over the last week or so.

Fast-car fans of a few different stripes should be pleased to know that three very different cars, each with its own rabid fan base, are in various stages of resurrection for U.S. car buyers.

The reborn Chevrolet Camaro was originally expected to arrive in ’09 and has had American muscle-car fans in a lather since the appearance of the 2006 Camaro Concept. Chevrolet celebrated its commitment to build the car by auctioning low-production-number versions on eBay before the assembly line even started (interesting that this “American icon” now gets built in Canada), but fans will likely appreciate the video GM’s FastLane blog published of Rick Hendrick, CEO of Hendrick Motorsports, picking up the first 2010 Camaro, VIN #0001.

Those who prefer smaller European speedsters will no doubt be pleased to know Volkswagen plans to bring back the Golf GTI for U.S. buyers this year. This isn’t really a rebirth, since the American version of the 2009 Rabbit is almost the same as the European Golf, but some will be happy to ditch the long-eared name & logo, and the 2010 Golf GTI will feature Volkswagen’s highly touted DCC adaptive chassis control, an adjustable suspension damping system, and a new electronic locking differential that combine to give the car incredible handling.

Tuner types shouldn’t count any chickens quite yet, but the rumor mill seems to think the rear-wheel-drive coupe Toyota and Subaru have partnered to develop could be called the 2010 Toyota Celica. Unfortunately, this is speculation, rather than news, and even the speculators haven’t found much at all in the way of details on the new car. We’ll keep our eyes peeled and let you know if we find anything more.

In another bit of good go-fast news, Yokohama Rubber debuted new tires made with orange oil that use about 10 less petroleum than other tires at Sebring International Raceway. The new tires are apparently also much easier to recycle.

Two more quick tidbits: Ferrari has just launched a new web site, which is loaded with great photos, information, and videos about its Formula 1 team as well as its GT and sport cars. Yum!

And if you’re a U.S. citizen, at least 18 years old, and would like to win a 2009 Honda Civic Si Coupe customized by the band the All-American Rejects, drop by Honda’s web site and enter its sweepstakes. Good luck!

Anything you’d like to see get more – or less – coverage here on the CarGurus Blog?
Let me know.

-Steve Halloran

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  1. Having been a Volkswagen fan all my life I am looking forward to the rebirth of the 2010 Golf GTI with its new adaptive chassis control and suspension and locking mechanism. I would love to feel how it handles.

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