April Fool’s Day Roundup

Since my trusty and humorous colleagues tgriffith and jgoods have left me driving our blog, among other things, alone while they’re on vacation, I’m taking a quick and easy approach to inject a little April Fool’s Day humor. Here’s a list of some of my favorite funny posts from around the auto-blog world today – please feel free to share yours with a comment. Enjoy!

Please share any of your favorite car-related April Fool’s Day posts we haven’t mentioned in a comment.

-Steve Halloran


  1. Ikea won’t be building cars, but Leko is a car sharing program that Ikea is starting. I think it will only be available in France. Not sure if that will expand.

  2. What about IKEA’s Lenko car? They were supposed to “unveil” a car on April 1… Lots of speculation that it was a joke, but I haven’t seen any news on it! Imagine the 5-page assembly manual with no words on that one! HAha

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