New driver? Prepare to get tagged!

Should everyone on the road know that a teen is driving?

Should everyone on the road know that a teen is driving?

The state of New Jersey will soon start tagging cars driven by teenagers with a decal identifying them on the roads as novice drivers.

The state says police will use the decal to enforce curfew laws and passenger restrictions for teen drivers. Many teens think police will use the decals as an excuse to pull them over for no reason. 

According the story on Yahoo news, the decal will be removable and nondescript, so “the public at large is probably not even going to notice it.”

See the problems here? If a teen driver is going to break the law, odds are they’ll be smart enough to remove the decal before hitting the road. Secondly, even if they forget to take it off, no one will see it anyway.

And why stop at labeling teens? I’ve seen plenty of safe teen drivers in comparison to the crazy antics of some elderly folks. Maybe we should label them, too. Perhaps there should also be a label for drunks to adhere to their car before they leave the bar parking lot. Or a sticker warning other drivers of the guy texting while driving. 

Believe me, I’m all for laws that protect teen drivers, but when it comes to disrespecting them, I draw the line. Maybe instead of demeaning today’s youth, the state should try extending them the same respect and trust they bestow on older drivers. I’d be willing to bet that if we respected the younger generation, teens would be much more willing to act responsibly.

Besides the fact that labeling teen drivers is horribly demeaning to them, I hate to think about the potential safety risks of alerting everyone on the road to the fact that a teenager is driving alone. 

Do you think teen drivers should have to label themselves with decals on their cars?


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  1. If you’re a typical driver, you’ll see multiple examples of traffic violations everytime you go out, and perhaps commit a few yourself.

    Yet, you and the other violators very rarely get caught. There aren’t enough police on the roads to even begin to catch all the problem drivers out there, especially since most of the cops that are on the road are sitting on their butts behind a radar gun looking for relatively easy speeding tickets. After all, they’re not really there to protect the public, they’re enhancing local government revenues.

    Singling teens out with a sticker is yet another example of a group of legislators who have too much time on their hands. It might be a better idea to identify legislator’s cars with special stickers so they are easier to identify when crusing at 100mph on the freeway or congregating at the nudie bar.

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