Height of Dumbness Video Awards

You didn’t know it, but today is Dumb Car Video Day. We think it’s an especially good way to bring on the weekend, and so here is Hyundai’s really stupid “tribute” to the Mustang‘s 45th birthday.

Then, for your viewing pleasure, we have dancing girls festooning the Alfa 8C Spider. Frankly, we think the car is better looking than the girls, and it certainly has better moves.

Finally, the smart fortwo, which we like, has been cruelly subjected to all kinds of tuning, hotrodding and pimping out. Here comes more noise and tire squealing, to the crowd’s delight. IIHS’s recent crash tests, one of which involved a fortwo, might have pleased them even more.

So, have fun this weekend, and give us your vote on which of these dumb videos deserves first prize.



  1. I have to go with the Hyundai’s salute to the Ford Mustang. The thought of equating Hyundai’s offerings to the original Pony car that changed the auto industry is just ludicrous. It’s like comparing apples to…well, really small, shriveled up rotting grapes. Or something like that.

  2. The Alfa 8C Spider gets my vote for Height of Dumbness. Second place goes to the smart for two. Enjoy your blog.


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