The Best Movie Car Crashes Ever!

Hollywood car crashes fall into two categories: crashes made for movies, and crashes involving Fabio

While there’s no shortage of the latter, this list is all about some of the best car crashes Hollywood has ever given us on film. It’s nearly impossible to find a movie that doesn’t involve a car crash of some kind anymore, so please let us know what silver screen wreckage you love most!

Final Destination 2

I admit the movie itself was pretty darned lame. As bad as it was, this wreck scene is chock full of nightmare situations. This is one of those scenes that sticks with you, especially when passing a truck hauling a full load of logs.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Although released in 1991, the scene where the semi truck chases the motorcycle has remained iconic throughout the years. I still remember the feeling of watching this for the first time, as the truck is essentially ripped apart but still manages to keep going. A classic crash that’ll never be forgotten!

Death Proof

Some people like car crashes for purely gruesome or shocking reasons. For you Quentin Tarantino fans, I include this surprise head-on crash in the list of best movie crashes ever. You gotta admit, it’s cool.

Bad Boys 2

I like Ferraris. I also like massive car wrecks in which Ferraris don’t get wrecked. I like Will Smith, and I like car chases that end with boats exploding on the highway. “Bad Boys 2” has all those things, plus the added benefit of the wrecks lasting a good 4 minutes! I have to warn you, though, this scene has some language that may not be suitable for all viewers. Heck, watch it with the volume off, and it’s just as good!


The brilliance here is that we, the audience, see this crash about to happen a split second before anyone in the car knows what’s coming. It’s the classic, “Oh, we’re just having a calm conversation, and then *bam* game over” type of crash.

We’ve all seen countless more great car crashes from the big screen – which are some of your favorites?



  1. Ha! I would’ve never noticed that Colin R. I love that kind of thing. Even with the mistake, it’s a great scene!

  2. The highway scene from The Matrix 2 should definitely be on the list. That is an overall great scene.

    The Bad Boys 2 video drives me NUTS! Not sure if you noticed, but there are some errors in the clip caused by editing. The guys on the transport truck start throwing vehicles off the back of the truck. The first time they do it they start rolling a Buick Park Ave off, the camera angle changes, and it cuts to a Pontiac Grand Prix crashing. The masses probably wouldn’t notice that, but it drives me crazy. Check it out, it happens at 1:31 on the video.

  3. Yeah, you pulled out all the stops here, tgriffith! I gotta say the Bad Boys 2 sequence is really a great parody of the car crash movie bit because it’s so over the top. And I still like it. Oh, but the language! My goodness, what is happening to you CarGurus people??

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