Is the best car America produces headed for the scrap heap?

Pontiac G8

Its interior has been compared to the phenomenal Audi layout. Its driving experience has been likened to BMW.

We’re not talking about anything new from Lincoln, Cadillac, or Buick… the car receiving such accolades is the 2009 Pontiac G8, specifically in its GXP trim. 

The irony runs deep, as anyone who even remotely follows the auto industry knows the Pontiac brand will soon cease to exist. Had that been announced in 2006, the only disappointed folks would be the ones who buy cheap Pontiacs destined for rental fleets. 

Now that GM has created a real contender in the RWD performance sedan market, there’s a lot of people saying, “Whoa… we’ve gotta keep this car around!”

The GXP uses a Corvette 6.2-liter, 402-hp V8 that reaches 60 miles per hour in under 5 seconds. The handling is tight, and the interior is downright comfortable and even…luxurious! The G8 is truly a home run, and GM is going to let it die? Let’s hope not.

Our friends at Jalopnik threw out the idea that the G8 GXP could become a Camaro or Impala SS sedan. Heck yeah it could! 

An Australian Web site said that Holden (GM’s affiliate down under that markets the G8 as the Commodore) is in talks to provide U.S. law enforcement with a Chevy-badged version of the G8 to replace their aging Ford Crown Victoria squad cars. 

As cool as the fantasy world of the G8 living on is, the most likely reality is that it’ll fade into automotive lore as coming too late to turn Pontiac around. 

I’m sensing a future collectible and am half-tempted to go make a deal on one, have some fun with it in the summer months, then store it in my garage until someone makes me an offer on it that I can’t refuse!

Is the G8 GXP the car that could have saved Pontiac had it come sooner?



  1. An interesting gamble. Packard and DeSoto also had a loyal following and were innovative, but when those brands were dissolved it didn’t do much for the resale or collector value of either one of them. The same could be said for many of the car makers that are gone.

    I would suggest a third option, however:
    Make Pontiac a one-model-only Chevy model. In other words, a Chevrolet Pontiac with G8 trim. GM gets to keep the Pontiac name. If things change, Chevy could spin off a new Pontiac Division in 2020, or whenever. Keep it alive in the GM stable, because once it’s gone, you cannot legitimately claim it is being resurrected.

  2. Not really the best car that America produces, since Holden produces it in Australia. But probably the best Pontiac sedan ever.

    I’m a big fan of slapping a Middle Eastern Chevy grille on it and calling it a Caprice, or better yet, an Impala (and continuing the old FWD model).

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