Dreams, Glorious Dreams


With the car world so totally upside down, it seemed a good idea to get away from it all, at least for a few minutes. I mean, we do get tired of wallowing in bankruptcy, bailouts, and three-cylinder BMWs (how ridiculous is that?). Some of us also get tired of hearing how so-and-so’s hybrid has squeezed out 3 more mpgs by using a new lithium-ion tire compound.

For relief we offer three videos that stress the old-fashioned notion that cars and dreams are inseparably connected. As much as they are vehicles for transportation, excitement, and whatever else, cars also represent dreams, desire, and fantasy. These qualities are mostly implicit ones, but sometimes they are made visible.

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class is featured in a recent ad called “Dreams Will Have to Wait.” You too will have to wait a bit to figure out just what’s going on. It’s a little bizarro to watch, but we all could certainly use a little bizarro now and then.

In 1968, Ferrari created the 512 Modulo, one of the most radical “dream cars” ever. You can read the full story here. The company also created a video of the car driving in a slow, misty sequence with some good, dream-like music. Don’t ask how the driver saw where he was going.

Finally, Honda takes us back a few years with its “Impossible Dream” commercial and the glory of Mr. Everybody’s wish-fulfillment.

Tell us which of these videos you like best and why. Have you seen any others that connect cars and dreams?


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