The 5 Sexiest (and Affordable) Cars


Our list of the 10 sexiest sports cars ever was a great way to fantasize about the kinds of cars most of us will never drive, much less ever own. Today we wanted to throw a little sexiness at you that might actually have potential to show up in your garage. Here are the 5 sexiest cars you could find and buy tomorrow:

2002 Porsche 911

Oh sure, you can easily drop a quick hundred grand on a brand-new one, but step back to 2002 and you can find your own 911 for the price of a new Honda Pilot! Even better, Porsche’s sleek, sexy curves don’t change that much over the years. Few cars, even those costing tens of thousands more, have a higher sexy factor than the 911.

2006 Lotus Exige


Sometimes a car is sexy just because it’s fairly rare. Lucky for the Exige, she’s semi-rare and has looks that’ll give folks whiplash from the head-turning as you drive past at over 100 mph (on the track, of course). Add speed and gorgeous sheet metal to mid-20s fuel economy and a price around $30K, and the sexiness just oozes!

2005 Toyota MR2 Spyder


On first glance you’d be forgiven for thinking someone slapped a Toyota logo onto a 911. While it would never hang with a Porsche on a 0-60 run, at least the MR2 Spyder has the handling to make drivers look forward to twisty mountain roads. All this sexiness runs around $15K. Where else will you find a deal like that?

2004 Lexus RX 330


What!? A luxury little sport-ute made the sexy list? You bet it did! On the outside she’s sleek and shiny with no shortage of bling. On the inside, though, is where this Lexus really seduces. Supple leather, ambient lighting, and a backseat perfect for… well, it’s big and comfortable!

2005 Audi TT


The TT is one of those cars that’s sexy mostly because her sisters are. It’s too bad she’s a little too heavy to enjoy full performance, but she still looks good and has a price under $20K, which is good enough to win a place on this list! 

What’s the sexiest car you can pick up for less than $30,000?


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