The Best Car Commercial on TV Right Now

You’ve probably seen the new “Meet the Volkswagens” ad, in which an old VW Beetle with an awesome German accent talks some smack with his neighbor who just bought a new hybrid. 

It seems the old Slug Bug bought a new Jetta TDI and is bragging about its fuel economy, performance, and overall coolness.

Check out the ad:

I laugh every time. NOBODY wants to be the guy who gets shown up by his neighbor, especially when it comes to a just-purchased new car. That’s why this ad is so great; we can all identify with the situation of poor Mr. Hybrid-Owner. He’s stuck with his car that isn’t fun to drive and sounds like a wind tunnel.

“What’s your hybrid sound like?”


“That’s cool.”

No, it isn’t. 

What’s your favorite car commercial right now?


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