Ford’s on the Rebound, But Could One Car Change That?


The people at Ford sure have been quiet lately, huh?

Not that you’d expect them to be jumping around with their tongues hanging out, taunting their fallen competitors from the safe side of Chapter 11, but still, a little celebratory PR wouldn’t be a terrible thing. 

I have to respect Ford, though, both for keeping quiet about their cohorts’ fate and for being the sole remaining company from the former “Big 3” that hasn’t gone into bankruptcy. Ironic that the two companies who accepted government aid failed anyway.

Not to say Ford isn’t struggling… its May sales were still down 21 percent from a year ago. Since analysts were betting on a figure closer to 30 percent, that’s actually a pretty darned good month, and Ford hopes it’s a sign pointing the way to recovery in the coming year.

Part of that recovery will be the continued success of Ford’s Fiesta, the hot little hatchback (pictured above) Europeans have been drooling over and Americans have been lusting for. Now it looks like Ford may be planning to bring a sedan version stateside, which by the looks of the pictures isn’t a good idea.

A note to Ford: You finally plan to bring a cool European-market hatch to the U.S. – please don’t ruin it by offering a version that looks like an Americanized Focus.  

The Fiesta hatch is Euro-cool… the Fiesta sedan is American blah. We’ve had enough blah, and two of your competitors are paying for it in bankruptcy court.

If you were going to buy a new Fiesta, would you go for the hatchback or the sedan?


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