GM’s Word for Bankruptcy? Reinvention

If you watched TV this past weekend, there’s a good chance you saw GM’s new ad that attempts to reassure consumers that everything is A-OK. Go ahead and take a minute to watch it again:

Apparently the marketing department at GM thinks that if it shows plants growing, someone running on a fake leg, Ben Roethlisberger throwing a TD, and astronauts on the moon, we’ll all forget about the whole bankruptcy thing and believe GM did this on purpose to “reinvent” itself.

I’d rather see GM come out and admit their mistakes rather than trying to justify them by saying their actions “made sense” in the past. In fact, I’d rather see an ad like this:

Come on, GM, you’re bankrupt. Admit it. You wouldn’t even be in business right now if it weren’t for the taxpayers, so stop trying to pull one over on us. We’re not going to fall for it again.

Do you think GM is doing the right thing with this new ad?



  1. GM’s always played the blame game and has NEVER admitted that their missteps were their fault. Blame the union, blame the people buying cars, blame the Japanese automakers… even in bankruptcy they try to justify themselves and shift responsibility. My hope for their future survival is dwindling, fast.

  2. A great video pairing! “Let’s be completely honest,” and the word bankruptcy is never mentioned. As usual, the marketing guys at GM are driving on the wrong side of the road. Instead of generating public sympathy, they make the company look foolish by talking about the future at the expense of the past. Nobody ever admits error in this country, particularly big business.

    Thanks for showing these, tgriffith!

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