Tata Nano: Coming to the U.S.A.!


So I was browsing the world of auto news this weekend, just seeing if anything struck my fancy, when I read that the world’s least expensive car, the infamous Tata Nano, could be coming to America in about two years.

If I would have been told a supermodel was coming to my house for a romantic dinner, my heart would have skipped the same number of beats as it did reading this news. It just isn’t supposed to happen. This is monumental.

This is the car once deemed so cheap it would never meet rigid U.S. emission and crash standards. This is the same car many have written off as a third-world solution to a problem more advanced societies don’t have. This is the car that has been mocked as much as it’s been called an innovation of cheapness…

And it could be sold at Jaguar dealerships. A car that makes Kias look expensive, with its base price of just $2,500, could be sold alongside $100,000 supercharged sports cars.  Friends, you might want to head to your bomb shelters; the apocalypse could be here.

When the Tata Nano arrives in the U.S., will it be shunned or will it change the way America commutes? My money’s on the latter. Let’s just hope it doesn’t become an all-new Saturn Nano.



  1. Compared to most of the Chinese made things we Americans now buy from the market, it should be a deal if you get it for $8000.00, because we pay $49.99 for something they get from china for less than a dollar. They will put a label on the Nano car, reading “Compare $25000.00′ You pay Only $9999.99”, to make you happy. Anyway guys it would be much more reliable than if you buy a Jaguar made in China.

  2. I’m interested in your car let me know when I can purchase one in the USA

  3. When the Tata hits the usa, where will the headquarters be located. I work for JBHunt and we would be interested in helping with the logistics on that project.

    • Hi Danny,
      The Tata Nano saga could be interesting. While the plan is still for it to arrive in the U.S. in 2011, the biggest challenges are reengineering the car to meet U.S. standards, and then distributing it through a dealer network.
      Enter Fiat (and Chrysler by default). Fiat has an existing partnership with Tata, so when the Nano arrives on these shores it could be sold through Chrysler dealers; possibly even as a Fiat. So while I can’t answer your question of where their headquarters would be, my best guess is to look no further than Chrysler’s headquarters: Auburn Hills, MI.

  4. Good luck on the $2500 price. By the time it gets to a Jag dealer, it will list for at least $8,000, but probably closer to $10,000.

    The new Saturn micro will likely be the Smart Fortwo, since Penske is the exclusive US Smart importer. Look for a merge of the Smart franchise into Saturn.

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