China Gets Hummer; Saab Going to…

The future of Saab if it winds up in Wyoming?

The future of Saab if it winds up in Wyoming?

As General Motors explodes and sends pieces flying all over the world, we’re closely watching where those pieces are landing.

As we mentioned earlier, Hummer flew all the way across the world and landed in China. Saturn landed on Roger Penske’s racetrack. Pontiac was blown to smithereens.

Saab is still up in the air, with suitors in Sweden and New York trying to catch it. A third player has also been rumored to be in the running, but up until now no one knew who they were or where they were from.

Now we know: Contender #3 is an investment firm in Wyoming.

Yes, go ahead and keep laughing; I’ve been chuckling for about an hour. Saab in Wyoming makes Hummer in China seem like a natural fit. Wyoming is the one state the U.S. could probably sell without anyone noticing. If there were a polar opposite of Sweden, Saab’s current home, it would be Wyoming. Sweden has Stockholm and beautiful fjords. Wyoming has Casper and a lot of dirt.

I’d say the odds of Saab arriving in Wyoming are as remote as the state itself, considering the other firms trying for Saab are Sweden’s Koenigsegg, the sports car maker, and an investment firm in New York City.

Of course, we’ll be sure to let you know where Saab ends up, but we’re curious: What do you think the future of Saab holds?



  1. If Saab ends up in Wyoming, there is officially no order to anything in the car world anymore. How does a storied Swedish automaker end up in Wyoming? Or a famous Britain brand get shipped to India? Or an American idol of toughness get to China? This is a weird world… yet one that is showing how ONE we really all are.

  2. FWIW, Wyoming is home to Yellowstone National Park, the first of our national parks. Let’s not sell that state off quite yet.

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