Does the Vice Chairman of GM Even Care About the Volt?

Chevy Volt: Just a symbol or hope for real change?

Chevy Volt: Just a symbol or hope for real change?

A June 7 article in the Washington Post makes a pretty bold statement, arguing that GM exec Bob Lutz is “ambivalent” about the Chevy Volt, a car that many have pinned their hopes on to bring GM out of bankruptcy and move the company forward environmentally and fiscally.

The story goes on to claim that Lutz is a lover of gas-guzzling V8 engines and says that the 2010 Camaro is a tribute to him and his enduring hope that the glory days of fast and powerful muscle cars can be resurrected, even though GM is a ward of the government and needs to emerge from bankruptcy as a leaner, greener company.

Yup, pretty bold claims by the Post. I’ve decided there are two reasons they published the story:

1. Because it’s true.

2. To get auto bloggers the world over discussing the story and linking back to their Web site. (Guilty.)

Even in bankruptcy GM doesn’t seem to be admitting to their problems and resolving them. They either look the other way or place blame in other places when they should be accepting at least some fault for their fate. Cars like the Camaro are proof of that, and cars like the Volt are nothing more than a symbol GM hopes will eventually change its image.

In fairness to Lutz, he has denied the Post’s claims and called the Volt

The most exciting program I have worked on in my entire career.

I don’t believe it for a second. There’s no way he’s more excited about the Volt project than the development of an all-new Corvette. That’s just not GM’s way, and until guys like Lutz have exited the building, nothing will change.

Do you think Bob Lutz cares more about the Volt or the Camaro? Which are you more excited about?


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