Old GM Plant Home to New American Car Company

So far, this is our only peek at a possible VVC vehicle

So far, this is our only peek at a possible VVC vehicle

We love stories of upstart carmakers. From the tales of Tesla to the pie-in-the-sky Aptera, we think it’s fun to look into the future of what the automakers of tomorrow could look like.

It’s a pretty safe bet that automaking in the U.S. will consist of more than just GM, Ford, and Chrysler as the former Big 3 reorganize to become smaller, more efficient companies. As they shrink, opportunities open for new companies to sprout up.

One such company is V-Vehicle Co., a new automaker based in San Diego that recently announced they’d move into an ex-GM plant in Monroe, Louisiana, to build environmentally friendly vehicles. The state hopes 1,400 jobs that pay $40,000 each could result from the move. Not bad!

We don’t know much more than that, except that the new company has T. Boone Pickens as an investor. Pickens was last heard from touting his plan to tap into natural gas as a way to kick our oil habit, so it’s safe to say VVC could have something exciting up their sleeve. Plus they’ve hired a former Mazda design chief, the guy behind the MX-5 Miata, as their design director.

Sounds to me like the pieces are in place for some genuine competition to begin, as the soon-to-be-reborn GM and Chrysler have to do battle with well-funded and smartly designed upstart car companies.

Are you excited to see what kinds of car companies pop up in the near future? Can they succeed against still-massive GM, Chrysler, and Ford?


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