Fiat to Sell Four Versions of the 500 in U.S.

Fiat 500 Abarth

Fiat 500 Abarth

It’ll be a crazy day when there are more Fiats on the road in America than Chryslers.

It could happen, too, because the Chrysler/Fiat merger isn’t just bringing one Fiat 500 to the States – it’s bringing at least four: hatchback, convertible, station wagon, and sporty hatchback.

Perhaps the best news for Fiat fanatics is the “sporty hatchback,” which will be the famous Abarth version that won Europe’s 2008 Car of the Year Award.

Alfa Romeo Kamal concept

Alfa Romeo Kamal concept

The station wagon could be based on the sexy Alfa Romeo Kamal concept, which should help Americans shed the wagon stigma of the ’70s. I don’t care what logo ends up on the front of this baby – I’d drive it all day long.

Come 2011, get ready to see fleets of Fiats cruising your city. I’m going to predict right now that these cars will hardly get to know dealers’ lots before flying off them and into garages across the country. The other side of that, unfortunately, is sure to be premium prices without a lot of negotiation room, which is something Chrysler salesmen aren’t used to. I think they’ll adapt pretty quickly, though!

In addition to the four Fiat 500 versions already slated to arrive, there could be a fifth: a micro SUV. Hey, if MINI can do it, why not?

I’m genuinely excited to see Chrysler shack up with Fiat; these are products much more relevant to the U.S. market than losers like the Sebring. In early 2011, you can count on me stepping foot inside a Chrysler dealership for the first time in years and taking a test drive.

Will you try out a new Fiat when they arrive at Chrysler dealerships in 2011?


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  1. Heck yeah I’ll be driving one of these! I think America is going to love these Fiats. About time we get some cool European cars! Yay!

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