Camaro Smokes Mustang in June Sales

The 2010 Camaro smoked the competition in June

The 2010 Camaro smoked the competition in June

Camaro versus Mustang is nothing new, though for the last few years, Ford has had the advantage of having very little muscle-car competition.

It’s been a bitter rivalry since the 1960s, though, and now the rivalry is renewed and even includes the trio-completing Dodge Challenger. Folks love to debate their muscle cars and point out why their favorite kicks the tailpipe of all others.

For now, though, the bowtie-wearing Camaro is the champ, at least in terms of June sales numbers.

GM says 9,320 Camaros were sold last month, compared to Ford’s 7,632 Mustangs. Keep in mind the Camaro is currently offered in just two trims (V6 RS and V8 SS), compared with the Mustang’s array of V6 and V8 coupes, convertibles, Shelbys, and Cobras. Pretty impressive numbers, Camaro fans.

Challenger fans: You have some work to do. Only 1,369 of you purchased your beloved entry in the American Muscle competition.

There are still six months left in 2009, but I doubt the Camaro can hold the sales advantage over King ‘Stang. Chevy owes a lot of Camaro sales to the new Transformers movie, and once that novelty wears off, the Mustang will be back in its rightful place as the muscle-car sales leader of America.

Can the Camaro hold onto its sales lead against the Mustang and Challenger?



  1. Wow, Im more of a fan on the Camaro(only recently turned because of my father being a Chev man), but I really would have thought the Mustang to sell better. But I think you are right, Transformers must have pushed Chev up a few sales

  2. The July issue of Car and Driver should put to rest any question of which is the better performing car. Mustang rules!

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