Brand New Jaguar XJ Unveiled!


Yes, I’m excited.

I’ve been a fan of Jaguar since I lusted after the 1961 E-Type. I have to admit, though, that I fell under the marketing spell of Jag during its more unfortunate years and brought home a new 2004 X-Type thinking I was getting a true baby Jag.

Now I know better, of course, as the re-badged Ford Mondeo no longer sits in my garage, and I’ve been left with a bad taste concerning Jaguar’s quality.

Now, Jag promises to be different – to be the luxury icon of the 21st Century.

Jaguar’s new XJ, unveiled this afternoon by Jay Leno in England, could put those quality questions to rest for good.

The thing is gorgeous, though it looks nothing like a traditional Jaguar. Gone is the iconic shape of the old XJ, replaced with the sleek lines of the new XF. As Jay Leno said in a live unveiling on,

The old XJ was an old guy’s car. You can sell an old guy a young guy’s car, but you can’t sell a young guy an old guy’s car. If you think this new XJ doesn’t look like a Jaguar, you are an old guy.

This car won’t only take sales away from BMW and Mercedes, it’ll be a competitor to the likes of the Maserati Quattroporte and Porsche Panamera.

Check out a full gallery of pictures over at, then let us know what you think of the new Jag.

My view? Jaguar is back, and much to my wife’s dismay, I’m probably going to have to have one someday. Sorry kids, you’re paying for your own college!

How does the new Jaguar XJ look to you?

Update: We’ve now got full details on the 2010 Jaguar XJ, including some great pictures.


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  1. The blog seems interesting in relative to different generations. But it is better to include engine specifications.

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