Pontiac G8 to Live On As…

Middle Eastern Chevy Caprice

Middle Eastern Chevy Caprice

General Motors came out of bankruptcy on Friday and already has some big surprises. First, formerly retired GM chairman Bob Lutz decided he wasn’t done yet and rejoined the company as vice chairman of marketing.

And then he brought back the Pontiac G8.

Can I have a big BOOOYAH please?!

2008 Pontiac G8 GTNot long ago CEO Fritz Henderson seemingly sealed the G8’s coffin when he responded to a question asking if it would be brought back as a rebadged Chevy by simply saying, “I’m not a fan of rebadging.”

Good thing Bob Lutz doesn’t mind a good rebadge every now and then! Okay, he likes terrible rebadges, too, but hey, I’m not judging him today, because he’s bringing back the best car America makes as a Chevy Caprice. Lutz realized what every auto writer in America already knew: The G8 is simply too good to waste.

I guess I should mention the G8 was a rebadge itself – a copy of the Australian Holden Commodore. So the new Caprice will actually be a rebadge of a rebadge. Still, though, as long as the Caprice is offered as an identical copy of the Pontiac G8 GXP, GM is going to make a lot of folks very happy.

Mr. Lutz is obviously a guy who appreciates V8 engines, as he has taken a lot of flack for putting an over-emphasis on them. Maybe with his influence, though, combined with Fritz Henderson’s excitement for economy, this new GM thing just may work. We’re excited to find out.

What do you think: Wait for the new Chevy Caprice, or go out and snatch up a remaining Pontiac G8?


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  1. Good lord, “New” GM is only a few days into it’s existence and is already making stupid decisions. Number one is to retain Bob Lutz, who authorized the creation of this gas-sucking dud of a car in the first place. They’ve sold an amazing 30,000 of these to date, which has to rank as one of the poorest selling GM cars of all time. Frankly, the car was probably created because that’s what Bob likes- overpowered gas-guzzlers. Second stupid decision was to try marketing GM cars on ebay. For a company that desperately needs to improve it’s image, hawking cars on ebay is a tacky, low-class way to go, albeit surprisingly fitting.

    Revamping this company without removing the disease that ran it out of business in the first place— clueless GM managers– and you have a new giant sucking sound– our taxpayer money being flushed down the toilet.

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