The Ugliest Cars of 2009 and 2010


Some cars are just plain ugly.

While most of the very worst have been weeded out by time, new entries in the ugly contest keep popping up. For model years 2009 and 2010, here are some of the ugliest:

2009 Chrysler Town and Country

This thing looks like it should ride on tracks and push cows out of the way of oncoming locomotives.

2009 Bentley Brooklands


Even a car that costs nearly $400,000 can’t manage to look any better than a $30,000 Chrysler. Boooo!

2010 Ford Transit Connect


Hey, just because a car is ugly doesn’t mean it isn’t cool. Check out this blogger’s take on it, and I’ll bet you’ll want one if Ford builds a consumer version. I do.

2009 Honda Fit


This car is horribly out of proportion. Huge headlights, over-size nose, and tiny wheels. Not good.

2010 Scion iQ


Really? Is this a character in Pixar’s Cars 2 or a new Matchbox creation? Surely it isn’t a roadworthy car from Toyota….

2009 Nissan Cube


Go ahead, view this car from any angle. Try to find its good side. Nope, it doesn’t exist.

2009 Honda Ridgeline


Either make a truck or make an SUV. But never… ever… add a truck bed to an SUV. Unless you’re the Chevy Avalanche – that works. The Ridgeline doesn’t.

Any 2009 Acura


Put that grille on anything, whether it be an otherwise beautiful Lexus, a smokin’ hot Ferrari, or a purring Jag, and it’ll be rendered instantly and hideously ugly forever.

What are the ugliest new cars or concepts that you’ve seen?



  1. all these cars are nice except the scion, the rest aren’t ugly, and the tsx? that looks good, the mdx and rdx do too

  2. btw…
    I call these cars visual pollution because I’m forced to look at these debacles on the road when I am driving and they should be outlawed like second hand smoke. People obviuously don’t walk around the vehicle and LOOK at it before they buy it or they’re just buying this crap to annoy everyone else.
    Oh yeah…I forgot to put the Honda Element on my list.

  3. I agree that all of the above “things” are nothing but visual pollution.
    A few additions to the list:
    Toyota Prius
    Honda Crosstour
    Kia Soul
    Mercedes GLK Class
    Chrysler 300
    Infiniti Qx56
    All Mazdas with that ridiculous smiling grill!

  4. NOT the proper source for FACTUAL information;

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    -Original Author

  5. Okay really? most of these cars actually look pretty nice, YOU MUST BE UGLY AND JUST HATE ANYTHING REMOTELY BEAUTIFUL.

  6. Does everyone realize looks are subjective? I agree with the writer because there is nothing ‘pretty’ about any of these cars.

    And just in-case everyone thinks I don’t have “taste”.

    I’d say the prettiest cars for 2010 for me are as follows,

    Mercedes E-coupe.
    Audi R8.
    BMW E92 M3-vert.
    Lexus is350 Sedan
    Audi RS4
    Infiniti M45
    Ford Fiesta
    Aston Martin DBS
    Volkswagen CC

    … List goes on.

  7. These are all ugly except the Chrysler Town and Country. It isn’t any uglier than any other mini van. If it’s listed here, so should every other mini van be listed here.

  8. most japanese cars look awesome, i do prefer the early 2000 models on some here are my favorites

    scion xb
    scion tc
    Honda Fit favorite car- safe and GREAT LOOKING also fun
    04-05 honda civic i dont like the new design
    new accord
    new accord crosstour
    crv- my favorite suv
    I definetly like mid 2000’s acura better they are right about the grill
    i dont like the look of many toyota cars
    I dont like the look/ performance of many american cars, the only truck i like is the ridgeline, and as far as american cars ford is the only company that has good looking cars
    2012 focus
    2011 fiesta
    2010 taurus the 2008 was horrible

    im tired of typing so thats all i gotta say

    the fj cruser looks ok but fuel economy is too low

  9. all modern cars are ugly, led by the Japanese in their various styling debacles . Great for those who buy a car impulsively because we want one, we can save money and laugh at the nerds that got sidewinded into buying these ugly critters with their bland grey and beige interiors.

  10. The Chrysler 300 series looks like a “gansta'” car if I ever saw one. Chrysler never has gotten on to the concept of making smaller, more fuel-efficient cars. Maybe that’s why they are currently at a stand-still even with the Fiat merger supposedly a done deal. If they don’t offer something great soon via the merger, they might as well call it quits. They have nothing in their current line up that I would want to own.

  11. Btw, in my humble opinion, anything that has over 19 inch wheels looks ridiculous.

  12. Is it worse to be an ugly car, or a car that looks just like every other jellybean on the road?

  13. i dont see anything wrong with most of the cars on the list. the only really ugly cars are the ford and the cube.

  14. DUDE!!! WTF!?!?!?! The Bentley Brooklands DOES NOT look like the 300. AND FOR THE RECORD IS NOT AN UGLY CAR. BTW, Who the HELL judges this type of stuff? I mean, who has so much time on their hands to judge the looks of a few certain cars. I will admit, the Cube DOES look a little ehhhh…

  15. The 2010 Scion iQ,looks awesome,looks like a modern AMC Pacer
    If Bentley didnt have to conform to strict european safety design rules,ie pedestrian friendly cars,they certainly would’nt be designing dull and boring vehicles like this,$400,000 for this i agree unreal.
    2009 BMW X6 would have to be the most ugliest car of the last 10yrs

  16. REally? just cause the bentley does resemble somewhat the chrysler doesnt make it ugly and it still looks better than the chrysler

  17. Oh come on now.. The Bentley Brooklands looks like a Chrysler? WTF? That’s like saying that an C63 AMG Benz looks like the Hyundai Genesis! Jeez…

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