A Wiener for Your Weekend

AP Photo/Journal Times, Tom McCauley

AP Photo/Journal Times, Tom McCauley

Sometimes, when you have a minor fender bender, you just hope no one noticed.

That’s a little harder when you’re driving a giant wiener.

According to this article, the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile took a wrong turn in Racine, Wisconsin, ended up on a dead-end street, and was trying to turn around. Then the driver hit the accelerator instead of the break and well… wiener penetration.

This comes just over week after Oscar Meyer himself died at age 95, making for an emotional few days in wiener world.

Have you ever run a vehicle into anything large and seemingly avoidable? I once nearly popped a fender off a car when I ran into a pole supporting a giant billboard. I have no excuse for that one other than being a bad 16-year-old driver!

Let’s hear your stories of crashes that should never have happened.


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  1. Wow, and right in the back door, too. And it looks like the house didn’t make the wienermobile put it’s car cover on first. Ouch.

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