Remember when you could just go to the dealer and buy a car?

Has anybody had any luck buying one of these?<br />Tell us about it in the comments section!” width=”320″ height=”213″ /><p class=Has anybody had any luck buying one of these?
Tell us about it in the comments section!

For some reason, car dealers just aren’t interested in selling cars.

It didn’t used to be that way. I remember the days so long ago when I didn’t dare call or e-mail a dealer, much less step foot on the lot, unless I was very seriously ready to buy a car. The ambush by blood-sucking salesmen just wasn’t worth the trouble unless I was ready to negotiate.

I’ve mentioned my own recent troubles with dealers when I shopped a number of months ago, only to never get called back.

Now it’s happened to a Washington Post blogger, and the blogosphere is abuzz at the unwillingness of some car dealers to… you know… sell cars.

Blogger Vijay Ravindran just wanted to get rid of his 9-year-old BMW and support troubled automaker Chevrolet by buying a new Camaro. Seems like a simple enough request, and one that any Chevy dealer would likely jump on.

Poor Vijay, though, had to go through four Chevy dealers and eventually give up his quest. One never called back. He e-mailed two more. They never wrote back. The fourth eventually said he had one, but when Vijay got to the lot, it was an automatic. He had asked for a manual. That dealer tried to sell him a Corvette. Vijay went home, only to get an e-mail saying they assumed he wasn’t interested anymore.

Why is this happening? Why aren’t dealers interested in helping people buy cars anymore? If it just happened to me, I’d assume it was a fluke. Now that I’m hearing more stories of similar experiences, I’m wondering if part of the blame for dive-bombing sales numbers lies with apathetic salespeople who can’t put forth the effort to help customers look for cars.

GM is promising a rebirth based on superior customer service. I’m thinking someone better send a memo to the dealers, because they haven’t gotten the message.

Do you have any recent experiences shopping for cars? Salespeople: What’s the deal?



  1. When I first saw Camaro I thought “Nothing impressive”
    When I watched Transformers, I thought “Yes I want this one”.
    Camaro is nice car with strong engine and whatever you may want.

  2. Salesmen are trained to make sales today. We’re not interested in selling a Camaro if we can’t sell it TODAY. We can sell a Corvette today. Salesmen aren’t interested in guiding you towards a purchase at some point in the future, we just want to close a deal NOW. If we get an email or a call that won’t result in an immediate sale, why bother? We’ll move on to the guy interested in a Malibu.

  3. Seems like the tables have turned; Customers are now the “blood suckers”.

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