Tipping smart Cars: Not Funny. Seriously, Stop Laughing


I don’t condone tipping other people’s cars into canals.

Destruction of property is a pointless, crass, and unacceptable behavior that is never funny… unless it involves tiny cars and Dutch canals.

Here’s the deal: It seems some pranksters in the Netherlands have discovered that the smart fortwo is an easy target when parked precariously near Amsterdam’s canals. Just lift up the car by the front and…what do you know…it easily tips right into the waiting canal below.

I’m guessing it takes a certain amount of alcohol before the vandals think this actually seems like a good idea, but you have to admit that the thought of multiple minuscule fortwos bobbing in Dutch canals makes you smile.

Maybe this isn’t just a prank, though. Maybe it’s strategy to eradicate competition in the small-car market. Perhaps you read about GM’s Bob Lutz jetting to “the Caribbean” after chastising his own company’s ad campaigns. Maybe “the Caribbean” is actually code for “I’ll be in the Netherlands tipping tiny cars into the water to make room in the market for the Chevy Spark, since it’s obvious our advertising won’t work.”

If  this car-tipping thing catches on, the Dutch just might pass on purchasing a 1,600-pound smart car in favor of a 4,500-pound Hummer H3. The only way that’ll go under water is if the loan ends up way more valuable than the car.

As funny as I think smart tipping is, I think the still-at-large vandals could have a lot more fun just moving the cars.

Imagine how funny it would be to get a group of four guys together, each taking a corner of a smart car or MINI Cooper, and carrying it onto a sidewalk before retreating to the bushes and watching the befuddled owner try to figure out how his or her car got there.

Hilarious… and no harm done.

Come on, the thought of  “smart tipping” makes you laugh, doesn’t it?



  1. @ Hayden
    Sorry, a lack of respect for someone’s property is not funny! Laugh and call the insurance, you need some mental help.

  2. Nothing new, really. When I was in high school (in the 1970s) pranksters used to do silly things with VW Beetles, usually picking them up and placing them somewhere where they could not be driven away.

  3. dude its fake….. quit your crying. cant you tell that”s photoshopped? jesus

  4. dude chill out, their insurance most likely covers theft or vandalism which is what this is. their just gonna get another one. Notice all your examples involve serious harm to other people, like being killed. i dont think you realize that they didn’t actually hurt anybody, just a car. hell if this happened to me i would laugh my ass of and then call my insurance company.

  5. I fail to find the humor in this. Maybe it is because I respect other people’s private property and wish they do the same to my stuff. Maybe it is because we pay plenty enough insurance without adding even more to our rates. What kind of world are we becoming when there is little outrage in people stealing $10,000 – $20,000 of someone’s property and destroying it for fun? Who wants to even live is such a twisted world?

    What would people say if those same vandals got their kicks setting people’s homes (like yours) on fire to watch them burn to the ground? Or setting your pet on fire after dousing it with gasoline? Why is one act of terrorism or cruelty ok and other unacceptable? Who should determine such things? I have enough empathy to know how furious I would be if I was to be the victim of such an act, and to me there is nothing funny about this.

    What do people say about kids who steal stop signs and later drivers are slaughtered at that intersection by not having that important traffic device present (several documented cases of that)? Or about the several documented cases of people killed when kids drop debris from overpasses onto cars for fun? I bet that was real funny. My point is that we cannot let what kids think as funny shape what is acceptable to society. Especially when their enjoyment is completely at the expense of hard working people who are just trying to get by in life.

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