The Sports Cars We Want To See


If you’re not into sports cars, you might as well stop reading.

In my mind, while certainly not practical, sports cars are the backbone of all things automotive. They represent the pinnacle of engineering and possibility; but like any other car, sports cars come and go. Here are some we wish would come and then just stay.

Acura NSX

Here’s a piece of trivia: Honda went to Italian design firm Pininfarina in 1984 to design the car that became the NSX. In 2005 the NSX was discontinued… then in 2008 hopes for a next-generation NSX were dashed when Honda cancelled its plans for the car. Now, there’s news again that Honda may create a lower priced NSX, which means it would probably fall out of supercar territory. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather never see a new NSX than see one with that awful Acura beak that’s going around these days. Bring it back right, or let it rest forever!

Infiniti Essence


Come on, Nissan, just build this! The Essence is the best looking concept I’ve seen in a long time… the exterior looks like liquid metal freshly poured over pure muscle. While we probably won’t see a production version of this car, we hope at least it’s a foreshadowing of future Infiniti design.

Toyota MR2


There are many folks who would rather have an MR2 than other sports cars costing twice as much. Maybe the “Toyobaru” project, detailed here, will eventually come through and deliver a car worthy to follow in the MR2’s footsteps.

Ferrari Testarossa


This was THE supercar of the 1980s. What young teen didn’t have the above poster hanging on his bedroom door? The last model year was 1996, so we’ve lived almost 15 years without a new Testarossa… wouldn’t it be great to see what Pininfarina could come up with now? Almost 100,000 copies of the Testarossa were sold, so I’ll bet Ferrari could “pull a Camaro” and reintroduce a classic!

Jaguar F-Type Concept


Jaguar has come a long way in the last few years! The new XJ is sleek and modern, the new XF is holding its own with BMW and Mercedes, and the XK competes with the likes of the BMW M6. Now the company just needs a Porsche 911 fighter, and a concept based off something like this could be just the ticket.

What sports cars from the past do you miss the most?



  1. “What young teen didn’t have the [Testarossa] poster hanging on his bedroom door?”

    Well every teen who had a Contach poster of course! Was this a trick question?

  2. New Testarossa? Are you kidding? Why not bring back leggings, big bangs and Def Leppard too.

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