2010 Mazdaspeed3: The Most Hideous New Car Ever?


Look away, it’s hideous!

In one of the most disappointing debuts in the history of automobiles, the 2010 Mazdaspeed3 is almost laughably ugly. Uglier than an Edsel. Uglier than an Aztec. This car, based on the front end alone, is destined to land on every future top 10 list of ugly cars from now until eternity.

2010_mazda_mazdaspeed3_front2The grinning front end looks like a combination of Ronald McDonald, that guy in the Smilin’ Bob commercials, and the inside of fish gills.

I’m shocked that the good people over at Mazda ever thought this was actually a good design strategy. Maybe all the effort went into the car’s performance, which I admit is impressive, and styling was just an afterthought left to an overly happy intern.

smiling-bobThe thing is, I don’t care that the new Mazdaspeed3 is rated at 262 hp or puts down 280 lb-feet of torque at 3,000 rpm. Heck, I wouldn’t care if it had the engine from Aston Martin’s screamin’ new One-77, I’m not getting within 20 feet of a car that looks like a rolling Enzyte commercial.

The hood scoop looks out of place, and the bluntly rounded front end looks like a dead, bloated dolphin.

Reviewers really dig the Mazda’s exhilarating track performance, but that doesn’t change the fact that its ridiculously silly face looks like a pukey cutesy Pokemon character. Does Mazda seriously think a young hip adult will go for this happy-faced new 3 over a WRX or Mitsubishi Evo?

Studies have shown that buyers prefer cars with angry faces. That’s especially true with young, brooding 20-somethings, who won’t spend $25K on a car that looks like it belongs in a Candy Land game.

I sure hope disgusting front-end treatments don’t start getting popular. Acura did it and now Mazda. As much as I despise Acura’s cringe-worthy new beak, I think I’d rather have that than this new Mazda.

What do you think of Mazda’s new face on the 2010 Mazdaspeed3?



  1. I own a 2012 Crystal White Mica Speed 3, and I must say, I absolutely love the car! The looks! The handling! The speed! The utility! The price! I have owned many sports/roadster 2 seaters and the Speed 3 is a driver’s car. Gas mileage suffers however!

  2. Its ugly but I love it. I love zooming by other cars with that creepy face it trips people out. Its fast , spacious , sporty its all I need. The person who wrote the article exaggerated way to much like someone pissed him off. The car is cool bro

  3. I can’t agree more with you. When I first saw one of those shit cars, my eyeballs nearly burnt out of my sockets. Not to mention that every single car made these days, (especially the smart car), are just hideous.

  4. I see that fugly smile in my rearview mirror often…..srt-4 ftw..yeah its just a neon, and yeah I dont have power rear windows, and yeah its just a neon again…..forged internals, motor that won’t blow, Zeta 3.0…walking speed3’s almost as fast as they are ugly.

  5. I agree it does have a different look w/ the smiley face grill. But I get complements
    On my silver 2010 jst abt everytime I drive it. The hood scoop gives it the slight impression that something is under that hood. Since Mazda didn’t see a need 2 slap “2.3 LTR TURBO” badges on it to let everyone on the road get impressed by shinny emblems like most other cars in its class. This car doesn’t need badges or a snarling grill to prove its a winner. Let’s talk about the Civic Type R. 1 word, “DoG”. How abt the GTI that never seems to change its looks, I could push that German pregnant roller skate faster than it pulls itself off the line! So if you wann blow your cash on a pretty face, be my guest. My Speed3 will be smiling will I’m looking at your pretty TRX’s face in my rear views! I love my Speed3 & have never gotten a negative comment about it!

  6. I test drove the 2011 MS3 and a 2008 MS3. I bought the 2008. The interior quality is much better on the 1st gen. car and …No smiley face. The 6 speed on the new car is smoother but after two days I have grown into the shifter on the 2008. Save money and resale, buy a 07-09,

  7. i own a mazda 3 i am concern about the front but if it is a dark colour like black or graffite and the num plate fixed you cant notice that “in my opinion its a bit exagerated about it ” i prefer this than a quarter window in the frond door !! i really like my car and the interior is exellent like a very expensive model!!

  8. @Mazdaspeed Owner: That 0-60 time is unimpressive, my 1987 BMW 325i is barely a second slower 0-60 mph AND its not an overweight fwd… just sayin

  9. Bottom line, the looks are laughable. Mazda should terminate (with prejudice) the designer who came up with God-awful affront to the eyes.

  10. I disagree. I think the addition of a front license plate on the smile resembles bucked teeth popping through. I have desired a Mazda 3 for years but may not preceed with this new style.

  11. Hey Dick I own One of this blue 2010 masda speed 3 cars and I get more looks, comments, and how nice of car mine is. So take a look at other cars before you put mazda down. My ass will be a blue streak past you on the road!!!

  12. @Mazdaspeed3 Owner
    The thing I love about cars is the passion they create (even the ugly ones).
    I’m not denying the new Mazdaspeed3 isn’t a sweet machine, performance wise. I also admit the front fascia looks better once a license plate is installed. But seriously, from the viewpoint of the picture above, it’s more like a character in the Pixar Cars movie than a lust worthy piece of automotive elegance.
    Al that aside, I’m glad you are happy with your ’10 Mazda. Nothing makes me happier than reading comments from passionate car fans. Even the ones who want me fired.

  13. First off I would like to point out the fact that tgriffith should be fired from ever writing a review on the CarGurus Blog website for being a complete and utter moron. What are you 99 years old? How can you speak for this generation of car enthusiast when you absolutely know nothing about cars besides what you read on google or wikipedia. The new Mazdaspeed3 is not only an aggressive ride with 263hp and 280 lb-feet of torque but is also redesigned to look sleeker and appeal to the “NEW” generation of drivers. I own a 2010 Mazdaspeed3 and am completely satisfied with the “WHOLE” car from looks to performance. There is nothing wrong with the looks of this brillant machine. Get another day job because its obvious you suck at this one.

  14. Whoa, whoa… WHOA! Uglier then the Aztek? You are way out of line there mister! :) There’s nothing uglier then the Aztek.

    But put the new baby-with-gas smirking Mazda3 nose on the constipated, smacked-with-a-frying-pan butt of the Aztek and you may just have a winner.

  15. I just saw a TV ad for the regular Mazda 3, and instead of the slotted grille it had a kind of mesh smile. Which looked equally silly. Go to Mazda’s gallery for the car at http://www.mazdausa.com/MusaWeb/display2010Mazda3.action?vehicleCode=M3S&directPath=m3s/home#/M3S/Gallery, and out of 17 pictures, you’ll find only one (1) that shows the grille. Perhaps the company in fact is too embarrassed to show it.

    Now to all you fools like Gdogg who want to defend this car, which looks like something the Joker would drive, go buy one–or at least take a test drive–and see what kinds of comments you get.

    Tgriffith, you know, is sometimes known for a little exaggeration and maybe some overwriting (as in the “dead, bloated dolphin” here). But this time he is on the money.

  16. When you stick a license plate on the front end, you almost don’t notice that that fascia looks like a smiley face. I think you fools over-exaggerated the ugliness of this car.

  17. Funny how this car has been Mazda Japan’s most successfully pre-ordered car, and the 2010 Mazda 3 has seen record sales worldwide, I guess owners like happy cars.
    In reality it really is not that bad in the flesh, rather than pic.

  18. I hate to say it, having owned four straight Mazdas, but I agree. A beak as fugly as the nose on the 1st-gen Subaru Tribeca.

  19. I think the Nissan Cube is the ugliest car made in the past year or so. This one looks better then the cube at least.

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