Interest in Ford and GM Rises, Chrysler Falls


Believe it or not, according to a new Consumer Reports survey, 81 percent of respondents looking to buy a new car are likely to consider a domestic brand.

Yeah, that news came as a surprise to me, too, considering the negative press the domestics have received over the last year.

Looks like a little patriotism goes a long way, because less than 50 percent of folks will consider an Asian or European brand.

Sounds good for the domestics so far, doesn’t it? Well, not if you’re Chrysler. While interest in Ford increased 17 percent from last year and interest in GM increased by 6 percentage points, interest in Chrysler was down 28 percent among all respondents.

While those numbers appear good at first glance for Ford and GM, the survey says only 9 percent of the people interviewed are likely to buy a new car in the next year. Ouch.

Looks like a recovery of the new-car market won’t happen anytime soon, especially for Chrysler. Let’s hope Fiat can turn those numbers around with some desirable cars!

DealFinder can help you find a great used-car deal

DealFinder can help you find a great used-car deal

On the other hand, among people considering a car purchase, 61 percent are looking specifically to buy used. That seems like a smarter choice for a lot of people in times like these.

If you are one of those 61 percent, or just curious about used-car prices, check out a cool new tool called DealFinder that allows you to search for cars for sale in your area and even tells you if the price is great, fair, or too high compared with national averages. Even if you’re not looking to buy, it’s neat to see what car prices are doing in your area. You can even list a car for sale there for free.

Would you consider buying a domestic new car? If you’re looking for used, search through DealFinder and let us know what you find!


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