The Most Exciting Cars of 2010: Camaro? Mustang? Nope!

Is this wagon exciting?

Is this wagon exciting?

What’s the most exciting car of 2010?

The new Camaro? The Ford Mustang?

Nope. According to TIME Magazine, the Koreans nabbed the two most exciting cars of ’10, with the number 1 spot going to the Kia Soul.

While I, and certainly many others, have an issue with calling the Soul “exciting,” I won’t argue that it isn’t cool. For me, calling a car exciting means thrilling driving dynamics, agile cornering, and a completely unnecessary amount of horsepower.

Not tween-inspired styling and clever interior lighting.

TIME’s number 2 pick is closer to my definition: the ’10 Hyundai Genesis Coupe. A rear-wheel-drive, 300-hp V6-powered coupe certainly qualifies to appear on anyone’s list of exciting cars, especially considering its $25,500 price tag.

Rounding out the Top 3 is the Ford Taurus SHO, a car our own jgoods certainly didn’t like that much. If they could shave off some of its 4,368 pounds of weight, maybe that 365-hp V6 would feel way more exciting than it does.

And how’s this as a sign of the times? A station wagon also made the list. Granted, it’s the Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon, but still, it’s a station wagon that someone labeled “exciting.” We’ve come a long way since the ’70s, man. I guess 26 mpg on the highway from a V6 engine is exciting, just not in a pedal-to-the-metal kind of way.

Other cars that made the list include the Jeep Grand Cherokee (enter your own joke here), Toyota Venza, Suzuki Kizashi, VW Golf, and Mercedes E-Class. Only one car they picked genuinely fits the bill: the Nissan 370Z.

All of these are cool cars and worthy of consideration when car shopping… but I’ll bet CarGurus blog readers can come up with a list of 2010 cars that truly excite.

So let’s hear it: What are the most exciting cars of 2010?


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